Friday, January 30, 2009

Indiana Ice Storm

This is a picture taken out the back door of my sister Sue's house in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. The horse is Champ, her granddaughter Lexus' horse. Champ is standing amidst the limbs and other debris that fell on Tuesday night during an ice and snow storm. 

Sue said that their electricity went out too and it won't be back on until the end of next week so they're staying in a hotel until then. She said the entire area is a mess.

We had an ice storm on Tuesday too but it wasn't nearly as bad. The two pictures below were taken out our front door the morning after the storm.

Ice on the walkway and driveway.
It might be hard to tell but the grass is icy too.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Road Trip!

We made a quick run to Indiana to pick up Mom. Sue and Randy were here at Christmas and took her back with them. These pictures were taken at Sue & Randy's house.

Sue, Malia and Linda

Malia adding cheese to the delicious lasagna.
Jeanne made it.

Eldora (a family friend) and Jeanne
Sue stuck her head in the way 
just as I took that picture.

Mom with her Boston Terrier Daisy.
We kept Daisy while Mom was in Indy and took 
her with us when we went to get Mom.

Malia, Dustin and Jennifer
Jennifer and Malia
The photo is a bit blurry but pretend it's not!
Lexus, Malia, Dustin and Stacie

Sue, Donna, Mom, Linda, Jeanne
Shooter, the German Shepherd is Sue & Randy's dog.

All of us!
Far left on the chair is Randy with Sue in front.
Next to them is Malia with Lexi in front.
Stacie & Aaliyah (Stacie's other daughter).
Next to them is Jeanne, Jennifer & Donna.
On the couch, Mom, Linda, Jake, Dustin & George.
We had a great time!

We also had a very nice visit with Mom Keller and George's brother Jim while we were in Indiana. We helped Jim move some stuff into his new apartment which he's very excited about. We had the camera with us but we got busy and forgot to take pictures. 

Monday, January 5, 2009

More on the Shop & Garden Shed

The concrete was poured on Saturday.
It took 4-1/2 trucks to do it all!

The cement guys hauled cement in
wheel barrows across the back of the
yard to the garden shed because they
didn't want to drive the truck across the
Those guys really worked hard.
Here's the finished slab for the garden shed.

This is the concrete in the back of the shop.
It's a parking area.

View from the front of the shop.

This is the side of the shop.
I was standing in front of the pavilion
under the trees when I took this one.

It was 83 on Saturday so we sat under
the pavilion and watched the concrete
workers smoothing out the concrete.
A view of the back and side.
It has six sky lights--here's five of them.

Here's one of the newly painted
carriage doors. The other will be
put together tomorrow.

The shop guy needs to finish the trim
and down spouts but he's almost done.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Tennessee Christmas

I am happy to say that Middy
sent me Christmas pictures!

Here's a great one of Adam & Mandy.
Adam in his Tennessee Vols Santa hat!

This is Mallory, Adam & Mandy's cute little
girl. I wonder if she's
studying the presents
under the tree?

Mallory posing pretty in her cute little
and matching top.

Check out this adorable outfit!
She's quite the toddler fashionista!

I think she's probably looking
for her laptop here!

Cutely rockin' the day away!
Rock on Mallory!

Out for a stroll!
What a doll!

Tapping out some tunes on her xylophone!
I'm thinking it was probably
a Christmas present.

Adam & Nicole
I really like this photo!

And this is a good one too!
Nicole, Mandy & Adam
Thanks for the pictures Middy!

Shop Update & A Garden Shed

I'm behind on my posts so I'll do two today.

This is the front of the shop (facing the
The forms are in place for cement.They continue from the driveway, go
the side, and across the
back of it.
A form for a walkway to
the door is in place too.
This is the back of the shop. The form for
concrete is there but
you may not be able to
see it.
The photo was taken from under the
There's a door on the back too
but that tree jumped in my way just
as I took the photo!
This is the side of the shop which faces the
yard with the openings for the
overhead doors.
Here are the panels for the overhead
They were tan so we painted
them to
match the sides and
roof of the shop.

On the opposite side of the yard in the
back corner (just before the section
of trees)
is a form for a garden shed.
The guy that's building the shop will finish up today and the concrete will be poured tomorrow. George has already pulled in the electrical and is deciding on insulation. Then, he'll build walls inside the shop for his office and a bathroom. He'll build the garden shed once he gets the shop together.