Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pool Party

Linda & David had a fun pool party yesterday. For those of you who are wondering who's who, here's the list.
  • Linda & David ~ Hosts and most of you know Linda is my sister
  • Brandy & Tracy ~ Linda & David's daughters
  • Dustin ~ Brandy's boyfriend
  • Richard & Debra ~ Dustin's parents (they're from San Angelo)
  • Diana ~ Richard & Debra's daughter & Dustin's sister
  • Tony & LaDonna ~ They adopted Tracy's son Jaden and maybe Gage too
  • Hannah ~ Tony & LaDonna's daughter
  • Pam ~ Linda's friend (and mine) but Linda has known her much longer.
  • John ~ David's friend. David & George both work with John at BEP. (George couldn't make it to the party because he worked.)
  • Preston & Triston ~ Most people who read this blog already know they're our grandsons.
And here are some of
those cast of characters

and here

Sweet Brandy
Brandy is often referred to as "B." One day after watching an episode of Andy Griffith, I started calling her Aunt B. Hey, she is an aunt! Aunt Bea and Aunt B are such opposites, it makes me laugh out loud when I think about it or call her that! It doesn't take much to amuse me. I amuse myself all the time! It's my day job.



Linda & Pam

Dustin, Brandy & Debra

Me, Linda & Pam

David & Richard

Speaking of lyrics, I think David is
giving John directions, "Way down
yonder in New Orleans..."
John is originally from Louisiana.

David & John

A full pool

Pool jumping Preston with
Jaden & Triston in the background

Hammock fun

The word hammock always reminds me
of Phoebe on Friends.
In one episode,
she wanted to change her name to
Princess Consuelo Banana Hammock!

I think it's much too common.

The Texas Boys who originated in Indiana!

No caption needed really
If you can't read it, click on the picture to enlarge it.

As the saying goes, a good time was had by all...

Until next time, smile on, it won't break your face,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Grandkids' Visit - Part 2

On Friday, July 24th, we took the kids to the Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas.
It's right next to this.

Looks like Pa-Paw
likes the Whisper Dish.

Somebody hasn't been
eating their Wheaties!

It's hard to see him but
this is Preston the astronaut.

I'm glad this nose didn't sniff
real hard. We may have
never seen Preston again!

Or what if it sneezed? He might have
been blown
clean through the floor.
Actually, clean is probably not
the appropriate word for it.

Time to explore the world of bubbles.
First, they tried blowing them.

But it wasn't working too well

They figured it out though!
(With some coaching from Pa-Paw.)

Funky Circus Mirrors

A Climbing Wall

Triston said something like,
"Mimi, Look at me!
Take my picture."
So of course, I did!

Triston's First Ever Archaeological Dig

I don't know why but these photos
are making me hungry for ribs.

I believe I can fly...

George was not feeling well.

But we appreciated that he was
quite a trooper for feeling so badly.

While there, we saw a Coral Reef movie in an Omni theater. Before the movie, I told Triston that we'd see ocean all over the walls and it'd feel like we're in the water. Pa-Paw told him that he had to hold his breath. The movie starts and Triston is holding his nose.

After a few minutes, he turns to me and asks, "Mimi, aren't you going to hold your nose?"

"Nah, I don't want to, and you don't have to if you don't want to." He let go of his nose.

About five minutes later, he turns to me in a panic and says, "Mimi I'm gonna be sick!" and he starts gagging. Now I go into a panic! We're in the middle of the aisle so there's no way to exit quickly.

"No, don't throw up!" I ordered, throwing my arm around him, slamming my hand over his eyes and tucking him face first into my armpit. "Don't look at the movie and you won't feel sick!"

Actually, I was getting dizzy from it at times too so I could understand how he felt.
In a few minutes, I asked if he felt better and he said yes.

He dozed off with his nose tucked into my powdery aromatic armpit but changed to sleeping on Pa-Paw after about 20 minutes. (Perhaps it wasn't as aromatic as I thought!)

The movie was 45 minutes long and he woke up when there was about 10 minutes left. We let him look at it but when there was a lot of movement, we'd tell him not to look. It wasn't long before he
notified me, "Mimi, I think I feel better holding my breath." He grabbed his nose and held it for the remainder of the movie. It was pretty funny but hey, whatever works!

We had a good time!
With Smiles,