Friday, October 30, 2009

A Trip to Hot Springs

Last weekend, we met Jack & Middy in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We arrived on Thursday and went home on Sunday. We rented a nice condo on Lake Hamilton, and had a very good time.

The Condo
It had four or five levels.

The View from those big windows.
On Friday, it was overcast all day but
Saturday was a very pretty day.

On Friday, we started out shop
in downtown Hot Springs.

Jack & George trekking
the downtown streets.
They look like men on a mission, huh?

Mission impossible?

These glasses are
couture but Middy didn't buy them.
They matched her jacket too!

Middy tried to talk Geo into buying
this visored hair but it was a no go.

It's probably couture too!

After the stores, we had coffee and cobbler to warm us up before heading over to tour the Fordyce Bathhouse.

Hot Springs is known for it's bathhouses, some of which still operate today. We heard that it's a nice and relaxing experience but I just don't want someone giving me a bath! For one thing, they might go blind. I picture them running, screaming from the building, "My eyes! My eyes! Ahhh! My eyes!"

Anyway, we started
in the Men's Bathhall.

(Click the photo to enlarge it for reading.)

And here's a live picture
of the picture above
(minus the men).

This stained glass was in the
ceiling just above the
sculpture in the previous picture.

We tried to get a feel for the times!

Look at all these gadgets from
back in the day. I didn't pay
attention to what they were
used for but don't you think
they look important?

Jack getting electrocuted!

It's quite clear that these shady
characters are trying to
escape from the asylum!

Nobody tried these sweat boxes out.
Frankly, I think they're a bit creepy.

Actually, I'd be afraid someone would
come along and throw a load of
laundry in on top of me! Or maybe
try running me through a
permanent press cycle to dry!

I had to share these
three stained glass windows.

Pretty, huh?

After leaving the bathhouse, we climbed to the top of these steps which led to path after path after path. We ended up hiking up a mountain for a good hour. We'd see a path with an arrow and a sign that would read: ".2 miles" so we'd take it. We'd get to the top of that path only to find another sign: ".1 mile," and then, oh no, at the top of that path another sign: ".2 miles" and on and on.

Some of these paths were a very steep climb too! At times, I thought it'd never end! I almost wanted to wimp out but I was with all these healthy, in-shape people! Well, Jack and Middy are in shape and George faked it. Okay truthfully, it
turned out to be quite invigorating and I liked it!
Finally, we arrived at what we thought was the top of the mountain but there was suppose to be a tower. We didn't see it anywhere so we headed back down the mountain, taking the path marked "shortcut!"

Later, we got in the truck and drove up the mountain. We all broke into laughter when we discovered that if we'd have only walked another 30 feet, we'd have seen that the tower was only 100 yards away!

We parked the truck and
checked out the tower. We didn't
want to pay $7.00 each to go
to the top so we didn't stay long.

Someone suggested that we check
out the Arlington Hotel so we did.

Creative picture taking
in the mirrored doors!
After we left the Arlington, we spent about 2-1/2 hours at Oaklawn Casino before going to dinner at Fisherman's Wharf. The atmosphere and food were both excellent! We were all very pleased.

After dinner, we went back to
the condo for fun and games.

Saturday morning, we walked
down to the dock.

Our condo from down a level.
It's the windows on the right.

After exploring the dock, we drove through lake front neighborhoods and then tried out a restaurant on the water called Doe's. The sign said "World Famous for steaks and tamales." Jack, Middy and I ordered the tamales, and we all thought that they were fabulous!

We sat by the water on the dock.

And enjoyed ourselves...

It was a very nice day too.
A very nice lady saw me taking
pictures and offered to take our
picture. We took her up on it.

I think she did a good job but I
should have put on my sun glasses!

After we left Doe's, we went to the condo to watch the Tennessee vs. Alabama football game. We intended to go back to Doe's to try out their steaks for dinner but while watching the game, we ate so much that we opted to stay put and watch more football--Texas played Mizzou that evening. In the process, we ate and ate and ate some more!

We really had a nice time and I learned that whenever we get with Jack & Middy, I need to be in tip top shape because we always end up hiking! I did much better this time (on a much longer hike) than I did the last time in Branson but I plan to be even more prepared the next time.
George and I have been sick with flu-like symptoms since we got back but I'll be on the treadmill as soon as I'm able!

Smilin' and Gettin' in Shape
(but not the shape of a circle),

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Koyote Ranch

Last weekend, we went to Koyote Ranch in Medina, Texas. It's on highway 16 in the Texas Hill Country, and is known for accommodating hoards of bikers. To reach Koyote Ranch from the north requires negotiating extremely windy roads and belly-tickling hills for many miles. It's a very nice area and Koyote Ranch is a really cool place to hang out!

With us were Rick & Carrie (Rick works with George and worked with him at Quebecor), Forrest, Katy and Katy's Aunt Grace. Forrest is retired now but worked with George and Rick at Quebecor. Two other people from George's work were there on bikes--David, Russ and his wife Andrea. Russ & Andy's sons came
too but they followed in a car.

On Friday, George and I went to Forrest & Katy's house in Kingsland, Texas.
I took this photo out of their kitchen window that evening. They feed the deer each night, and have had as many as nine at a time!
We spent the night at Forrest & Katy's, and went to Koyote Ranch the next day. RV hook-ups, a Bed & Breakfast, cabins, and an area for tents are the choice of accommodations at Koyote Ranch. The kamp cabins do NOT have bathrooms but the honeymoon cabins do.

I did not want to stay in a cabin without a bathroom so we got a honeymoon cabin. Rick & Carrie had a room in the B&B, and Forrest & Katy pulled their RV. The others stayed in kamp cabins.

The first thing we did was check
out each other's accommodations.

This is our cabin.
I love the French doors and deck!

The loft had an additional double bed.

The deck was furnished
with two chairs.

This is the view from our deck.
That building is a bath house.

To the right of the bath house
under those trees is the B&B.

George & Forrest outside
Forrest & Katy's RV (on the left).

Inside the RV, I loved
these bluebonnet glasses
(and dishes) that Katy had.

Next, it was time to check out Rick & Carrie's room in the B&B. It was HUGE too! It had two full bathrooms which were enormous, and a sitting room.

This photo was taken just inside the entrance to their room. We watched the Cowboys game on Sunday in the sitting room which is through those French doors.

The bed is just to the right of
what you see in the photo above.

This was taken in
of the bathrooms.

Carrie & Aunt Grace checking it out.

This is in the same bathroom but it's a
room of it's own within that bathroom.
Katy demonstrates proper tub
use--except for the clothes part.

This is also in that bathroom.

Carrie resting on the chaise.

A door in their room led out
to this comfy back porch.

I love the purple pillars. Perhaps they'll
paint the window trim the same color!
They're about to remodel the B&B.

The view from the porch to the pool.
That's George, Forrest & Rick.

It looks like the pool is endless!

The view from the pool
up to the back porch.

Rick back in the RV.

Katy, Forrest & Carrie in the RV too.

...and here's George! I took these pictures out the RV window.
1st Photo ~ George followed the road which led him around the back of that RV.
2nd Photo ~ He's getting closer and sheltering his eyes from the sun. He's coming from our cabin which is just on the other side of the cabin that you can see the top of (to his right).

3rd Photo~He's holding his iPhone in one hand and saluting it with the other hand! He loves his iPhone!

RVing fun!

Great photo of Aunt Grace!
She's 88 years old and so sweet.
She reminded Geo and me of his Mom.

Saturday night we ate pizza
at the Koyote Ranch grill.

David, Carrie & Rick

Forrest, Katy, Aunt Grace & George

David, Katy, George, Rick, Forrest &
strangers lurking in the background!

The song "Strangers in the Night" is
melodically sailing through my head!

On Sunday, we had the run of the entire B&B. There are only two bedrooms in it, and the other guests left that morning.

Watching the Cowboys
game in the sitting room.

Katy watching the game
in the cute chair.

Sunday night, we went to a rather tasty restaurant called Billy Gene's in Kerrville. It's on the Guadalupe River, and behind us is a wall of windows overlooking it. The photo I took of it didn't turn out very well so use your imagination folks!
By the way, Kerrville seems
to be a nice little town!

George had trouble reading
the menu for some odd reason.

I discovered this cute little dining spot
when we went to check out on the
morning we left. It's a sitting
area on the side of the grill.

I want to sit out here next time!

This is next to the above sitting area.

Kamp cabins on our way out.

Russ & Andy heading home.

I was quite enamored with the place.
Can you tell?
We all decided that we want to do this
again next year. It was a fun time!

Koyote Smilin'