Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Quick Trip to Indiana

Last week, we went to Indiana for a couple of days to see George's Mom, his brother Jim, and my sisters Sue and Jeanne.  In addition, George's other brother and his wife (Jack and Middy) were driving up from the Nashville area so we got to see them too.  YAY!

My sister Linda went to Indiana with us so it was a great opportunity for the four of us sisters to hang out together.

The first morning while I was sitting in Sue's
living room, I caught a glimpse of their horses
running around out back.  I jumped up, called
Sue, and we headed outside to watch.

I loved seeing them run...

...and hearing the thunder of their
powerful feet as they charged past us.

Sue said that they were
loving the cooler weather!
What a way to celebrate.
I might have to try it! 

George went to see his Mom and brother that day, and I spent the day with my sisters.  We went to Koodie-Hoo's (Sue and Randy's restaurant and bar) for lunch, and we ended up spending the afternoon there too.

Sue, Linda, and Janice 
(Sue's day bartender and our friend).

Jeanne was telling me "No, wait!"
but I snapped it anyway.
The look on Jeanne's face made me laugh!

Jeanne, Sue, Me

A nice man offered to take pictures of the four of us with my phone but unfortunately they were blurry.  It was as if I took them!  LOL!

This is a test of your imagination.
Can you tell what we'd look like
if the pics weren't blurry?

Lunch was excellent!  Koodie-Hoo's has great food!  If you're ever in Mt. Vernon, Indiana, check it out!

For dinner, we went to a local Mexican Restaurant called Tequila's.  It was really good too! 

On the way back, we stopped to see 
pretty Malia, Jeanne's daughter.  
She works at the Pizza Hut.  
It was wonderful to see her!

Then, we went back to Sue's house to act like goofballs.
We succeeded!
Of course, my pics are blurry!

Linda blurred this one up!
Yay!  I didn't do it.
It was a great sister day!  
We laughed and laughed and laughed, 
ate and ate and ate, and acted silly!  

The next day George and I went to Evansville to visit with The Kellers.  Jack, Middy, George, and I took Mom Keller out to eat at Jimmy Buffet's Cheeseburger in Paradise Restaurant.

Mom is a delightful 92 years old.  She loved the Tomato Basil soup and said it was the best she's ever eaten!  That's pretty darn good coming from someone who is 92.

Jack and Mom

On the way to the restaurant, the guys spotted RC Boat races!  So after we ate, they checked it out.
George and Jack are in this picture
working their way back to the car
after checking out all the folks
working on their race boats.

A very pretty green boat.

After watching from several locations,
we found the closest vantage point.

A group of RC boats!

It was super windy and sometimes
the boats would flip and break
 into two or three pieces.  
This rescue boat picked them up.

Keller spectators!

After the races, we bought Mom birthday presents, and hung at Mom and Jim's house.  They cooked up some yummy chicken and dumplings!

It was a very nice visit, and we're looking forward to taking Jack and Middy RVing soon!  Woo-hoo!

Sending Smiles,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Galveston Oh Galveston!

When my sister Jeanne was visiting from Indiana, George and I took her on a much anticipated RV trip to Galveston.  We left on a Wednesday and came back on Sunday.

We're on our way!
(You can click any photo to enlarge it.)

We're here!
Wasn't that fast?
Driving down Sea Wall Blvd. to the RV park.

George getting us all hooked up outside.

Every day we had a perfect mix of weather--some rain, lots of warm sunshine, and always a sweet breeze.  One day, rain was forecasted until the afternoon so we went shopping and ate.

We started at Murdochs because Jeanne wanted to buy some souvenirs.  Murdochs is a u-shaped, large, and very cool shop on the beach.  It's up on stilts, and the middle section provides a wonderful breezeway.  

Here it is looking out to the ocean.
They serve beer, frozen 
drinks, and other beverages too! 

A kind lady offered to take our 
picture out on the breezeway.

Back inside.
We had cameras.
There were cutouts.
It had to be done!

Like I said, we had cameras!

After Murdochs, we went to 
Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company.
It was yummy!

Back on the beach...

Jeanne was getting up out of a 
chair when she was suddenly 
attacked by a 
Land Shark!

We were 
we realized 
that it was merely
the Boogie Board!
 Phew, close one!

Of course, there was swimming!
Jeanne and George even tried to 
boogie board without much success.

We walked Sally and Daisy Mae 
on the beach every evening.
It made them very happy doggies!

Lots of kite flying went on in the RV park.

A rainbow over a kite!

Jeanne tried to decipher a 
secret message out of a seashell.
It softly whispered, 
"There is NO secret message woman!"

I had art supplies aboard so I journaled a bit, and Jeanne painted shells that she picked up.  We had fun!

We stayed in Dellanera RV Park.  I recommend it to RVers who love the beach because it's located on the beach!  To show you how close we were to the beach, I climbed the ladder on the back of the RV and took photos.

This is one of them.
The tide was in so you
don't see a lot of beach
but it's there.
As I navigated the ladder, I found myself singing a little ditty:

"Up on the rooftop, I did pause
To snap a pic with my little claws
On through the lens, I saw a pic
There goes my finger, click, click, click!"

Do you recognize that festive tune?

More from the RV rooftop
Might as well, since I'm up here.

Here's a short video that
provides a 360 view of the area.
I hope the video works because I sure had a tough time getting it on the blog.

We had a very relaxing and fun three days in Galveston, and we will have to come here again.

With Wavy Smiles,