Friday, October 26, 2012

RVing to New Braunfels~Part 1

Once upon a time (like last week), Jack & Middy came to town to go RVing.  We picked them up at the airport in the evening, and stayed in a local RV park for the night. The next morning, Rio Raft RV Resort in New Braunfels was our destination, a location that placed us in close proximity to lots of fun places!

We've been accused of being on a Griswold Family Vacation (Adam!) which just might be true depending on who you ask.  Nevertheless, we were happily minus the dead granny on the roof!  

When we arrived at Rio Raft, we decided to hang at the RV the rest of the day and we had a merry good time doing so.  Middy and I got a hold of the Rock Blocker microphone, and suffice it to say that I'm glad there were only a few RVs in the park!  

The next day, we ventured to San Antonio.
First stop, The Alamo.

The main attraction was next,
the festive and quite beautiful River Walk.

The usual suspects on the River Walk.

I goofed up on the collage below and made "River Walk" one word!  I'm having trouble editing it to get it fixed.  I've spent four days on this post so I give up!  

Please use your imagination and 
pretend  you're seeing two words! 
You hallucinator you! 
(Hallucinator is my new made-up word). 

Lunch @ Ibiza

Do they look alike?

Oh happy day!

I'm in mid sentence (as usual).

Surprise!  Cheese!

I love those George smiles!

Walking, shopping, and numerous stops for snacks and drinks happened throughout the day.  Dick's Last Resort was one of the stops. 

If you're not familiar with Dick's, they take pride in being rude.  Our waitress did a great job of it too! She was from Boston (or Bahston if she's pronouncing it.)  I asked how she ended up here, and she said it's because her "stupid boyfriend lives here!"  Tee-hee!  
The waitstaff also twists up hats, writes comments on them about customers, and places them on the customer's head.  We were almost ready to go when the hat fun began so we escaped it.

Again, insert imagination here.

Would you believe that laughing
took place while we were there?


Saturday night lights on the River Walk.

The next day we went to Gruene.  

We started off with lunch on the deck at the 

Two happy pals!

Thumbs up!

Of course, we stopped in at Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas.  

The Steve Helms Band was pickin' and
singing their Texas tunes and others.

Attention diverted from
the band for a photo!

Of course, shopping took place!

In one store, the only person working 
was sound ASLEEP behind the counter!

After Gruene, we went back to the RV and watched the Tennessee/Alabama game outside.  It was a beautiful day which turned into an equally beautiful evening.

Big Vols fans!

The next day, we headed back to the house but before leaving New Braunfels, we stopped at Cooper's Old Time Bar-B-Que.  Wow!  I highly recommend it.
To sum up the trip,
It was delightfully ducky!

I hear your "ugh" groans!

It truly was a wonderful trip!  The San Antonio River Walk was my very favorite part of it.  We really need to go there more often!

Wishing You River Walk Smiles,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Port Aransas Time

Port Aransas, Texas was our latest RV adventure.  We stayed at the beautifully landscaped Gulf Waters RV Resort.

The back of our RV spot.
The round picnic table was very nice!
I'm not sure what it was made of but it was 
hard like cement and looked sort of like marble.

Looking across the little RV
park road in front of our spot. 

Another spot shot!

On our first day, we hung at the beach.
Charlie, Joe, Geo, Rick, Sandy, Linda, Carrie
We like shade!

Carrie, Linda, Me, and Sandy
walking on the beach.
Okay, not walking--stopping and posing.

Here's the guys trying to convince us that
somebody next to us caught a shark.
We weren't falling for it but that's their
story and they're STILL sticking to it!

More beach walking

That evening, we went to a spot called The Back Porch Bar to hear Larry Joe Taylor from Stephenville, Texas.  He plays Jimmy Buffet/Island style music and he was very good.  It was on the wharf and the weather was perfect for being outside!  

A cold front moved in later that night making it hoodie weather the next day (Sunday). For lunch, Moby Dick's Restaurant was the seafood order of the day.  It was some really good grub too!  We all spent the remainder of that day in our RV's.  George and I watched football and snacked.  So cozy!  I loved it!

Sally and Daisy were happy about it too.

Linda, Carrie, and I decided to shop the next day. The check out gals in a shop highly recommended Avery's Kitchen for lunch, a little diner-like place.  It was kind of a hole in the wall but what a hidden gem!  Absolutely delicious!  We will go back when we're in Port A again!  

Next, Carrie ended up behind the counter in a shop called The Silver King, wearing the owner's head gear thingy, and pulling out rings from underneath to view them!  The owner was very nice, and apparently very trusting but she spent some bucks so that worked out for him!

She looks like she works there!   

That evening was our last night in Port Aransas.  We had a fish fry at Joe and Linda's RV which was three spots down from us.

Visiting and about to cook out.

Fish fry preparation and hanging!

Such fun!

Unfortunately, we had to leave the next day.  Joe and Linda weren't leaving until the the day after, and the others weren't sure when they'd leave.  It was a nice trip that we will definitely do again!

Gulf Water Smiles,