Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Giddy Up and More

My sister Sue was here to visit from Indiana a couple of weeks ago, and we went to Lone Star park, along with Linda and David.  This was only my second time ever to go to a horse race.  The first time was about 25 years ago!  

We had awesome seats thanks to a sweet old friend, Lynn.
Her husband trains horses and they race them. 

Lynn provided us with seats on the finish line, three floors up.
Thank you Lynn!

I don't know much about betting (and I don't want to know) so I used a very scientific method.  I picked according to the horses name, and won something 9 out of 11 times!    
What a hoot!
And a blast!

Of course, we visited Mom too while Sue was here.

I really like this picture!
I just noticed that we all have on red, white and blue too!
This was just before 4th of July.

Many Smiles To You,

Monday, July 15, 2013

4th of July at Cedron Creek on Lake Whitney

We took our grandsons, Preston and Triston, on an RV trip to Cedron Creek Park on Lake Whitney for the 4th of July, and for Preston's 14th birthday too. Lake Whitney is south of Fort Worth and only about 2-1/2 miles from home. We also met up with two other RV couples--Linda and Kenneth, and Paul, Tara and their son Dalton. 

The kids kept a game of NASCAR Monopoly going,
and played it every time we went into the RV.
We moved it to the dashboard so we could
use the table which worked out just fine.

We ventured out on Paul's and Tara's boat.
This is Preston, Triston and Dalton 
loving a ride on Super Mable!

They wanted to be thrown off so 
Paul drove in circles and bounced over 
wakes until their wish was granted!

We stopped at a beach and hung in the water.

We also ran into Diane (in the hat). 
Her hubby works with Geo, Paul and Kenneth.

When it was time to head in, 
Tara and I hopped on Super Mable. 
We didn't want to be thrown off though.
It was truly like riding on a couch except for 
little sprays of water here and there!

That evening, Paul cooked up his yummy fajitas!

So delicious!

Paul and Tara had to leave for a day 
so we found a beach to hang out.
Preston and Triston playing washers.

Kicked back! 

The crew!
Front-Triston, Dalton & Preston
Back-Linda, Kenneth, Tara, Paul, Me and Geo.

We also took our bikes and two extra 
bikes for the kids on the trip.
Every morning and every evening, we rode them. 
Fun, fun!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Bike Path at Nearby Greenbelt 380

George and I have officially become bikers.  No, not the Harley riding kind of bikers but the bicycle type.

A couple of weekends ago, we rode a really nice bike path that's only six miles from our house.  It's called Greenbelt 380 and consists of 10 miles of smooth, gravel roads. 

We loved that trees were shading our path.

Being new at this bike riding stuff, 
we only rode 2-1/2 miles in, and 
it was pretty much shaded the entire way.

We passed a little snake on the path. 

On the way back we passed it again, 
and then another snake! 
Two snakes! 
I think I'll like this path even more when 
the weather is cooler and snake free.  

We also passed a deer standing in the edge of the trees about 10 feet away.  It was watching us.  When it moved on, a baby popped up and followed.  Very cute!  They're the kind of beautiful critters I enjoy seeing in the summer and especially close up. 

Here are some links to the path (and more):

1) This site says that the greenbelt is a wilderness area with approximately 10  miles of multi-use trails and waterways for bicyclists, equestrians, hikers, kayakers and others. 


2) A map of Ray Roberts Lake State Park - Greenbelt showing this trail and others.


3) A lovely description.


Have a Smilin' and Ridin' Day,