Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Florida Trip~Part 4

One morning, Rick & George checked out the beach access from the RV park.

Rick and his shadow!

Rick and George learned that:

1) The tram that was available to take beach goers from the RV park to beach access (also inside the park) is on the other side of the park.
2) There's nowhere to park vehicles by the tram, and they're necessary to haul the EZ Ups, umbrellas, coolers, chairs, etc.  Everyone generally takes their own vehicles too.
3) Once the tram leaves you at beach, it's still a haul to get to the water toting all that gear!

 Not sure who this little dude is.
Another morning, George and I rode our bikes over to the beach access to take a second look. It made us wonder if we wanted to go to that beach. 

Now that's evolution!

Conveniently, a very nice beach was a mere 
three miles up the road, and the water was close. 

Setting up. 

Sandy all comfy.

Rick and Carrie cooling off.

I like these umbrella shadows.

Creative beer holder! 


Gulf side guys.

We enjoyed our day at the beach which totaled only about four hours--plenty of time for most of us. Charlie and Sandy really love it though, and they went nearly every day.


The opening game of the NFL season took place on Thursday night.  Sweet!  Even better, our Dallas Cowboys were playing.  

Ready to go.
Cowboys won too!  

On Friday, Charlie & Sandy, and Rick & Carrie headed home.

Linda, Joe, George and I weren't leaving until Sunday.  For our final night, we decided to go back to Pompano Joe's for dinner and to watch the sunset from the beach.

 We set up on this little deck to watch the sunset.  
It's on the edge of the beach access walkway.

A suitable location. 

A view down the beach.

The other direction down the beach.
(Ignore those folks in the front!  Ha-ha)

Love my friend Linda!

The sunset put on a lovely show!

Dinner time!
We sat out on the porch this time.  

This place is excellent!
I cannot tell you how much I love their crab cakes!
I wish they could mail me some although 
it probably wouldn't be the same.

It was a perfect end to a delightful trip!


We headed home the next day.  
The girls slept for two days once we got home.

I am putting together a short video of the trip so it looks like there will be a Part Five!

Smile On,

Monday, October 7, 2013

Florida Trip~Part 3

Gregory E. Moore RV Resort is big and beautiful!  We loved the wide roads, tall trees, and abundance of foliage.  (Additional info about this park (and others) can be found by clicking on the tab marked, "RV Trip Log" at the top of this blog.)

Here are a few pics from around the park.

Here's the road out front of our 
RV site, and the RV across from us.
They offer over 160 sites.

A look up our road in the other direction.
(That's us on the right.)

The view out one of our windows 
to Rick & Carrie's site next door.
Pretty greenery divides each site.

Every day, we walked the dogs.
Some days Linda and I 
walked our four dogs together.

We usually meandered around a block 
(or two) which made the dogs "happy campers!"

George and I saw this little cutie along the way.
His name is Harley.

All our non-Rving friends left after a couple of days, and only the RVers remained.
Here's our sites. 
(Charlie & Sandy, Joe & Linda, Geo & me, Rick & Carrie)

Okay, let's exit the park and go to the boardwalk. Linda, Joe, George and I explored The Destin Harbor Boardwalk late one morning.

Joe & Geo truckin' along on the boardwalk.
It was hot and super humid that day so we stopped in at Harry T's for a refreshment. They invited us to sit upstairs even though that area was closed.

Upstairs at Harry T's.

The view was gorgeous.
We went by here on our cruise.

The view from the cruise up to Harry T's.

The multiple shades of blue were mesmerizing!

It makes me smile.
How about you?

A cute, little shop--Redneck General Store.

After walking the boards a bit, we 
decided it was way too hot and time to go.  

We saw this sign on the way out.  
I wonder if Jimmy Buffet's lost 
shaker of salt will turn up here!

Next, we headed to Pompano Joe's for lunch.
 Don't you love these colorful windows?
I do!

And matching umbrellas too!

Joe and Linda had been to 
Pompano Joe's before and loved it.
(We could see why!)

It didn't feel hot either.
A perfect breeze sauntered off the water 
to keep us cool and the food was quite tasty too.

See ya soon with the final part of the trip.

Many Smiles to You My Blogland Friends,

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Florida Trip~Part 2

It was after dark when we arrived at our destination in Florida--Gregory E. Moore RV Resort in the Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.  Our friends Charlie and Sandy were already there, and their RV was set up, as well as Clyde, Sandy, their daughter Rachel, hubby Alan, and his Mom, Tammy.  They flew in the day before and were staying in one of the cute camp cottages.

On our first evening, we went on a three-hour evening cruise (insert Gilligan's Island theme song lyrics here).  There were 13 of us so we had the catamaran to ourselves.  Nice!

Shots around the vessel before we departed. 
Tammy, Sandy, Clyde and Joe

 Rachel, Rick and Carrie


Linda and Sandy 

George and I 

Our Cruise Director and his Photographer

Attempts at hula hooping broke out

Along with laughter, 

and other shenanigans!

It was a perfect time for photos.

And pirate sitings!
Pirates, I tell ya! Pirates!


 Dolphin watching was really cool! 

We cruised by the Destin Boardwalk too.

And it was a treat to absorb the glorious sunset!


The next evening, we enjoyed dinner at 
The Back Porch Seafood and Oyster House.
The food was good but they didn't seat us all 
together even though plenty of tables were available.
What's up with that?

Group shots on the beach just 
outside The Back Porch's back door

Part 3 coming up soon.