Sunday, October 8, 2017

Blue Spruce RV Park & More ~ Part 6

It's a beautiful day (most days have been) as we pull into the inviting Blue Spruce RV Park which will be our home for the next week. 

The park is located just north of pristine Vallecito Lake. It's only 23 miles to Durango but it's a 40-45 minute drive--a lovely one though.

This park is love at first sight! 

This charming office is a welcome greeting.

Decorated with pretty plants 
and hummingbird feeders!

Across from the office is a little playground.

This tree carving stands in the playground.
The sign at the bottom of it says, 
"Raccoon and Firefighter."

Below are a couple of 
Vallecito Lake windshield photos
rests on the far side of the lake, 
and the road runs along this side!

I don't know why we 
didn't stop and take photos!
But we didn't!

Back at the park, here's a view 
down one of the three roads.

The cute, little laundry facility.

The day after we arrived, 
the park held a craft fair.
They hold craft fairs every 
couple of weeks all summer long.

I don't have any pics of the actual 
craft fair but some of the it was held
in the park's spacious event lodge.

And some of it was in the pavilion.
It was really neat!

One side of the park butts up to the "rock walls of the National Forest" as the Blue Spruce website puts it.

Below is one of the rock walls. 
Other areas of the wall are much higher.

We knew we mostly wanted to hang out in the park while we were here but we (hubby & I) did go into Durango twice. While there, we roamed through the various shops on the main drag and ate lunch.

One of those days two, 
we enjoyed lunch at the 
in the historic 
It's definitely a cool walk 
back into the old west!

Be forewarned, we entered
the Diamond Belle looking normal 
(for us) 
and came out looking like this!

Thank goodness it wore off after a few hours!

During our days in the park: 

Geo & Joe washed trucks one day.

These two pics were taken out the RV 
window which explains that screen look.

And strolling through the park several 
times a day was a routine event.
The natural beauty was captivating!

The towering pines, cool air, and 
tranquility were tailor-made for savoring!

One morning, we all went for a walk 
on the main road by the park, and stopped 
at this shallow stream on a little side road.
Photo op!

Rick & Carrie with Sweet Sugar.

 Harley holding Linda up 
and Tootie anchoring Joe down.

As soon as we finished our photo session,
George spotted two wild horses!

Can you see them on this end of 
the grass at the end of the road?

Fearless Joe & Courageous Tootie 
didn't hesitate to go for a wild ride! 
Those crazy daredevils!

That's it from Colorado.
We most definitely had a grand time!
We loved this RV park so much, 
we booked for next year before we left!

Be back very soon with posts from 
Maumelle Park in Little Rock, AR, 
Percy Priest Lake in Hermitage, TN 
as well as the 
Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg
area once again.

See ya then.


Friday, September 29, 2017

From Ouray to Durango~Part 5

We're off for another interesting day in the Ouray area. Today, we drive to Black Canyon in the Gunnison National Park.

We're here.
Look down...

...way, way down.
God's phenomenal handiwork abounds!

A lot of smiling occurs.

Can you see the lookout below?
Yep, folks are looking out!
They are the tiny colorful dots.
Next, we'll drive to the bottom.

We're here.
 Look up...

...way, way, up.

It's time to exit the canyon now.
We hope you found the short 
but sweet visit enjoyable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Now we'll mosey over to the tiny town of Ridgway (population 979), only 7 miles from our campground. Being so close, we visited Ridgway several times during our trip. 

The town includes a handful of nice little shops which are spread out here and there, as well as a brewery, an Airstream food trailer, a small grocery store, a little hardware store, an ice cream shop, excellent pizza, and various other small businesses. We even attended an impressive Art in the Park event one day. 

While there, we encountered 
this old fire engine parked outside of...

...this 1882 stone & wood firehouse.
Notice the giant Eagle sculpture on this side?
With a little Googling, we found out that the firehouse is currently an artist's studio. 

Even more interesting, we learned that most of the 1969 movie True Grit with John Wayne was filmed in Ridgway and the surrounding area. The belfry on the top of the firehouse was added for the movie but it has never had a bell. 

For info about the making of True Grit in Ridgway, click here.

Here's a close up of the eagle. 
Isn't it cool?
We wonder if it was created by 
the firehouse's resident artist. 

See the busy white hummingbird hovering 
between the feeder and the ice cream sign?
Don't you love hummingbirds?
We all relaxed in a little sitting area next to the umbrella (behind the feeder) while indulging in some of the ice cream shop's quite tasty fare. 

Across from the ice cream shop is the park. 
Art in the Park was held here a few days later. 
We attended but sorry, no pics.

We sure liked the little town of Ridgway! 
It'd be nice to explore more in the future!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Next, we'll drive into Montrose, eat Mexican food, and go bowling! 

Carrie just picked up a spare!
(These two pics came out of video, thus the quality.)

Not sure what Rick just did but 
we have no doubt, it was good!
We don't think more pics are necessary.
After all, you know what 
bowling looks like, right?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Another day, Linda and I painted rocks while Joe & George decided to go hiking. We posted about that day on my Yak Yak Art blog which you can read by clicking here

Our two weeks in Ouray are about over! That was quick, wasn't it?

Moving down to Durango for a week is next on the itinerary. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This blogger was talked into riding to Durango via the Million Dollar Highway which I said back in 2010 would never happen again! But guess what? Yeah, it happened! 

The Million Dollar Highway has been dubbed one of the most dangerous highways in America and for good reason! It runs 23 miles from Ouray to Silverton on the way to Durango. While it's 23 miles of spectacular, majestic views, about 12 miles of it also navigates hair-raising curves on the edges of deep ravines with mostly no guard rails and little to no shoulder in most places. 

We opted to follow Joe & Linda since they've been up and down the Million Dollar Highway a lot over the years! Rick & Carrie chose to go around another way.

Here we go!
There's Ouray below as we leave 
Bye Ouray!
As you can see, they actually 
have a guard rail here. 

Notice how the road just drops off on the right!
(I took these two pics out of some video.)

Look at the curvy road ahead,
 and the abrupt edges! 
See how it winds with barely any shoulder, 
no shoulder in some places. 
Below is a very deep ravine!  

At last, we're on better ground.
Aren't you glad?

It's definitely a gorgeous drive and, 
as you can see, the sky was a rich blue today!
I must say this trip is on the better side of the Million Dollar Highway. Coming the other direction is even more harrowing!

We stopped in Silverton for a few hours but we mostly shot video so there's not many pics, however, you can see pics and get additional info from our 2010 and 2011 trip by clicking the links below. 

To read about our 2010 experience in 
Silverton and Ouray, and on the 
Million Dollar Highway, 
click HERE.

To read about our 
to Silverton from Durango on the 
click HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alas, we're not too far 
from the RV park now as we 
begin passing pristine Vallecito Lake

The RV Park is in Bayfield
about 45 beautiful minutes from Durango.

We're here!
We love this RV park!
We will tell you about it in the next post.

Stay tuned for the final Colorado post.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jeeping & More~Colorado Part 4

While in Ouray, the guys went jeeping twice. Our friend, Sal and his wife Phyllis, were camping at a nearby RV park. They spend summers here every year and do a lot of jeeping so Sal knows the ins and outs of jeeping in the area. Phyllis's niece joined them once and a friend of Sal's another time. 

Apparently, there were lots of folks 
 jeeping up in them thar' hills 
-- a.k.a. the San Juan Mountains!

Sal, Geo, Joe

Pretty stuff!

 Rick was the official sign holder upper!

Is Rick really trying to push Geo off a
cliff or is he casting a jeep spell on him?



 Dick, Sal, Geo

Geo took this photo a hop, skip & jump 
away from the summit. He was the 
only one that went that far up. 

A mountain of earthy colors!

Dick, Joe, Rick, Sal

The pic below reminds me of something
we might see in a commercial!
Can you hear a super-deep man voice saying, 

You know who they are.

Joe was the official tree holder upper!

Snow pile on the left!

They are truly a bunch of very happy campers!

Another day, Rick, Joe, Sal & Geo went to a 
shooting range but the only pics Geo came 
back with were the three below.

Maybe they were really 
out playing Bonanza all day!

Can't you just hear the 
Click here or the link above to hear the song.

If you're too young to remember Bonanza
it was a western TV show that 
aired from 1959 to 1973.

Stay tuned for more Colorado posts.