Wednesday, September 8, 2021


 On Friday, September 3rd, we joyfully 
advanced from a house that looked like this... a house that looked like this the next day! 
Left side:  Geo's 3-car garage and partial workshop  
(the community has a workshop as well.)
Right side:  2nd bedroom and bath

We couldn't believe that all the sheeting on the 
sides was complete and all the windows were in. 
Needless to say (but I will), 
we were stunned and thrilled!

Let's go inside.

A view out to the back patio and down the greenbelt.

Back patio fireplace where 
Geo is preparing his drone.

Right side:  Dining area 
Left side:  Back patio

The kitchen
The short wall is for the island.

A view from the foyer through the living area 
and back patio with the dining on the far right.

Geo checking out the windows in the den 
which will be my creative space. 😁

A mishmash of rooms that I can't even totally identify!
Some of it is the master bath and closets.

The back of the house.
Far Left Outside: An extension of the patio
Far Left Inside:  Dining room
Far Right:  Master bedroom

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

We almost bought furniture too!
It wasn't big enough so we opted to keep looking.

There's more but that's for the next post!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Thanks for visiting my blog!
See ya soon.

Texas-Sized Smiles,

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Days 9 & 10 ~ Being Framed

 It looks like the framing is coming along nicely!  

Day 9

Just a couple for this day.
The left side taken from
the street around the corner.

A closer view.

Day 10

Right side.  
And there's Fred the head too!  
"Everybody wants to get into the act."

I was thinking that quote in my 
very best Jimmy Durante voice.
That ages me!  
Some of you may not remember him.

The back.

Drone Pics

Obviously, a view straight 
down on top of the house.

The back
That white, square object out 
front by the street is full of windows!

The front

Geo thinks that they may finish up the framing tomorrow. Whenever they do, the sheeting comes next, and then the windows will go in.

We're happy dancing!  

Smilin' and Cuttin' A Rug'

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Day 8 ~ Being Framed

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, our framers disappeared for 4-1/2 days. We found out that there were some Covid issues with the framing teams so we figured they might not be back for awhile. 
Oh, but we had a nice surprise this morning when our future neighbor, Tony, texted and said the framers are back!  Woo-hoo!  So, of course we drove through around noon to take a peek.  

Stopping on the street behind the house, 
we found boards lined up vertically against it.  
It means they’re preparing 
to frame the roof rafters. 

Next, we drove around to the front. 

Boards were lined up on 
the left side of the house too...

...and the right side of the house. 

No framers were in sight but they may have been at lunch.  We're just pleased that they're back on the job!  

Go framers!

~ ~ ~ ~ 

See you soon.

Super Big Smiles,

Monday, August 30, 2021

Days 4 thru 7 ~ Being Framed


This was 11:30ish on day 4.
You may notice that the 
framing looks mighty similar 
That's because it is the same, 
and it still looks like that 
here on Monday, day 7.

Our neighbors told us the framers left after lunch on day 4, and haven't been back since then.  

The builders are off on Sunday so Geo wanted to drive over and check out the framing, specifically looking to make sure none of the boards are warped.

While Geo looked around, I took photos.

This one is standing in 
the front outside entryway.

Below is a view that looks back to the dirt I was standing on when I took the above pic.
It's the front door and hallway.

I took this one standing on the back patio.
It's a view down the greenbelt, 
and the reason we picked this lot.

Inspector Geo doing his thing!

Chewy doing his typical thing--sleeping 
on Daddy's arm while riding in the truck.

Elmer doing his 
riding-in-the-back thing!
Geo sent an email to the superintendent earlier asking what's up with the missing framers.  We look forward to his reply!

We always drive around to watch, and compare the progress on other builds. Two other houses were being framed along with ours but there's no framers on those houses either.  

Odd but we have some theories:

2~They need more guys to build the roof area of the house. 
3~They needed a really, really long siesta after lunch.
4~They were kidnapped by aliens.
5~The dog ate their homework.  Make sense?  Yeah, i
t didn't to me either. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


This just in from the superintendent 
as I was about to sign off! 

"At this time, we are experiencing Covid issues with several members of our framing crews."

Theory #1 is the winner!

Well, in all seriousness, 
my heart goes out to them. 
We will certainly keep them in our prayers

In the meantime, 
we wait while they get better.


Friday, August 27, 2021

Day 3 ~ Being Framed

Here's the framing progress around noon on the third day.

That's not a second story on top.
It's a one-story home but the roofs are quite large.

See the green belt that runs between 
the back of the homes on our 
street and the street behind us?
It will turn and extend to the street you see directly behind us.  It will be our view from the patio as I mentioned in the previous post.

A view of the northern horizon 
off to the front left of the house. 

I tried once again to put yesterday's vid in here but to no avail!  I've tried all the things that Google has instructed.  I guess I need to find a different way to Google it.  If at first you don't succeed...

Bottom line:  No vid again today.

(and Frowns),

Thursday, August 26, 2021

We’re Being Framed!

It’s not the devious being-set-up-to-take-the-fall-for-a-crime kind of framing.  Oh no, this is the kind of framing we greatly desire!  

Day 1

After a ten-month wait, 
our house is finally being framed!
Late morning on the first full day of framing.

Geo brings the drone to document the process. Of course, that can only be done until it's under roof but we'll take it!  He sure is having fun with the drone!

A nice start.

Day 2

These drone pics are of the back of the house.
The green area is a beltway.
The dirt around the house is our property.

From the back patio, our view will be down a beltway all the way to the street behind us.  No houses will be directly in front of our view, only off to the sides.  The beltway is not fully completed yet.

A closer view through the inside.

I attempted to add a 360° drone vid to this post but I need to learn more about how to do it.  A couple of posts ago, I did it with ease.  

What did I do?  
I have no idea.

I thought I was doing the same thing today but I don't have time to figure it out so this is the post for today. Hopefully, I can tackle this issue soon!

Joyful Smiles,