My name is Donna and my husband is George (Geo for short). We're owned by two delightful canines--a laid-back Mini Schnauzer named Elmer, and a sweet Chihuahua named Chewy. We're from Krugerville, Texas, a small but rapidly growing town about an hour north of Dallas.

Geo and I both have various hobbies and interests. I'm crazy about dogs, RVing, blogging, creating small art quilts, NFL football and especially the Dallas Cowboys! Geo enjoys football, NASCAR, Quarter Scale RC Cars, RC planes, and woodworking.

Smiles For Many Miles was originally created in the early 90's as a hard copy newsletter for family and friends. In February of 2008, I ditched the envelopes and stamps, and the Smiles For Many Miles blog was born. 

In May of 2012, we bought our first RV, a 2005 Fleetwood Southwind. Since the Smiles For Many Miles name was perfect for travel, this blog became an RV travel journal too. 

We really enjoyed the 32' Southwind but decided to go a little smaller so we sold it in April, 2015. Somehow things went awry in our quest for a smaller RV but in a good way (I think). We ended up purchasing a Thor Challenger 37GT in July, 2015 which is a 37 footer! Whoops! It's only 5' bigger, right? 

After almost two years enjoying the Challenger, we decided to sell it as well and for two reasons: 1) The functionality didn't suit our needs as well as we would have liked, and 2) we still wanted to go smaller. No really, we are going smaller!

Although it doesn't look like it, we stuck to our "size" guns but we did make a major change. In May, 2017, we purchased a Keystone Alpine fifth wheel! It's only 34 feet but looks massive for some reason, maybe the height. In any event, we love it and look forward to the adventures and fun times ahead in our fifth wheel. 

Geo will be retiring in the next couple of years, and we are very much looking forward to it. Losing the daily schedule will be a joy, as well as the option to take off when we want and for as long as we want. For now, however, we'll enjoy our fifth wheel and go when we can!

We hope to see you on down the road one of these days! Thank you for visiting Smiles For Many Miles, and please stop by again real soon!