Monday, June 23, 2008

Burying the Electric Line for the Hot Tub

This weekend George, Sally and Mitzi Mae buried the electric line for our hot tub which doesn't work yet because it needs a new getcher motorunnin' thingy! 

I didn't help because, after all, I had to lug the camera outside to take these pictures. Everybody who is anybody knows that in order to take pics, I had to remove the lens cap, turn it on, focus, and then most grueling of all, push the button down not once, not twice, but three times!
Sally, George and Mitzi Mae

Once George laid the line in the ditch, we were on George's Soak-Tamp-Fill-Soak-Tamp-Fill Plan for returning the dirt to the trench. This plan involves laying a soaker hose in the ditch to wet it down a little bit. Once wet, the hose is removed and tamping is done in the trench to pack the dirt down. After that, dirt is added back to the trench and the process is repeated several times.

George thought that his Plan would compact the dirt and eliminate having a little hill that eventually sinks to a gully but somehow things ran awry at the first soak stage.
In no time at all, the trench filled up with water as you can see.

Note to folks who go on the Soak-Tamp-Fill-Soak-Tamp-Fill Plan--Stay outside in the soak stage. Do not go in the house.

We waited for a few hours to see if the water would soak in but it didn't. We think that this is somehow linked to the floods in the Midwest but we are not sure. Anyway, George returned the dirt into the water-filled trench, and it all worked out quite well except for the line of mud outside the back door which is almost dry now (two days later).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gage's 1st Birthday (My Niece Tracy's Son)

Tracy & Brett's son, Gage, turned 1 on May 18th, Mom's Birthday. Tracy is Linda's daughter.
Here's photos!
Tracy & Gage

Gage discovering his cake

(L-R) Triston, Preston, Jaden, Hannah

Tony, David, George
Apparently, nobody told David the sky is falling!




Preston, Triston, Gage, Brett

Jaden, Triston, Brett, Gage, Tracy

Triston was more than happy to help Gage open his presents!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We're Almost Off to Fredericksburg!

My nephew Cody (Sue's son) got married May 10th. Sue and Jeanne came in from Indiana a few days ahead of time and the four of us sisters went to Gainesville on Thursday to pick up Mom. We also went to see our brother, Chuck, and take some photos. I haven't seen Chuck in years and this was the first time we'd all been together in about 10 years!

Here's the pics!
Me, Linda, Jeanne, Chuck, Sue, Mom
What were you doing Jeanne? Struggling to pull yourself up into the picture.
I was having difficulty consistently operating the camera's self-timer so Linda and Jeanne got up and wandered around while I was fixing it. Unexpectedly, the camera started ticking, indicating it was about to take a picture, and the three of us had to run to get in it. Can you tell?
It was great to see Chuck!
As David Letterman would say, "We ain't hooked up right!"
After our visit with Chuck, we were bound for the wedding the next morning. There were six of us going--all of us girls in the pictures above and my niece Brandy, Linda's daughter.
The wedding was in Fredericksburg, a charming little historic town with a German heritage, nestled in the heart of the Texas hill country. It's a popular location for weekend get aways here in Texas because there's lots of specialty shops, quaint lodging options, and a variety of restaurants. It's a five hour drive too so we were anxious to get there and very much looking forward to it all.

The Bridal Breakfast & Blessing

The Bridal Blessing & Breakfast was held at the Hoffman Haus Bed & Breakfast, a cute little place tucked away on a dead end street. These photos were taken just before the blessing ceremony in the Secret Garden.

Jen and the Lady Minister who conducted the ceremony

In the foreground, Jen's Mom, Mary Jo (left), and Jen

A view from the back of the circle

The minister, Brandy, Linda, Sue, Mom, Jeanne

Some of the ladies in the circle

Me, Linda, Brandy, Sue, Mom, Jeanne
We stayed across the street from the Hoffman Haus
but it would have been a great place to stay too.

More Photos from the Bridal Breakfast & Blessing

It was Saturday morning and the six of us had been together for almost two days now. We pretty much acted like silly idiots non stop. I cannot remember the last time I laughed constantly for days but we still had the wedding to attend and needed to get it together so we...


and peered over the Texas Bluebonnets

Inside, where the reception would be later, I tried to take a picture of myself in a mirror but Sue, Mom and Linda blocked my way!

Then, Linda practiced dancing

Sue was going to sweep. Yeah right--Sue sweep! Fly off maybe but not sweep! I'm not sure she even knew that was a broom.

I attempted to croon a song on top of the piano but couldn't get up there.

Okay, enough! We still had the wedding to attend and it was time to act civilized

and show a little class!

Oh never mind~~I'm dreaming!

Never give chocolate to the kids.

Cody & Jen's Wedding

The wedding took place in the Zion Lutheran Church and it was a beautiful ceremony!
The church had the most gorgeous stained-glass windows.

Jen's Dad walking her down the aisle
The newlyweds!
Mr. & Mrs. Cody Price
Of course, I would have to take a picture of
this colorful quilt in the church entry.

Uh-oh, here comes trouble!

Brandy, Linda, Jeanne, Me, Sue & Mom

Two cousins--Jake (Cody's brother) & Brandy

Jake and his Mom

The Reception

The reception was also held at the Hoffman Haus.

Outdoor area entering the reception

A toast about to be made
Part of the Secret Garden
Sue, Jeanne, Mom
Cody & Jen's Dance

Cody's dance with his Mom
Sue, Cody & Jen
The Doug Moreland Show played at the reception. I didn't take pictures because I took Mom back to the room and left my camera there.
The Band was great! Here's a link to their website.

When leaving the wedding, the truck in this picture (pulling away) caught my eye. Somebody said it's Cody's half brother. Notice the attachment on the bumper? You might be a redneck if you drive around with a toilet seat attached to your bumper like a trailer hitch! Funny!
The entire wedding weekend was a delightful time and we all had a blast!
To see more pictures, go to and search for the Cody Price Jennifer VandeWalle wedding.