Monday, July 28, 2008

Finishing the Septic Lines and Installing the Water Lines

Yesterday was much easier, especially for me because I stayed inside! George finished the job by noon so he was able to avoid the hottest part of the day. That's good because it got to 105. 

All totalled, 260 feet of PVC pipe was put into the trenches. He finished up just in time to watch the NASCAR race too. As soon as it was over, we were off to Lowe's for another 260 feet of PVC pipe--this time for the water lines.

He had the septic line on the necessary slope so he wanted to be sure to get some dirt underneath the pipe and secure it by putting dirt around it.

He watered, added dirt back, tamped, 

watered again, added dirt, tamped, etc. 

George was able to get all of the 
water line in before going to work.

It was quicker because this pipe lays on top of the other pipe so it only needed to be connected and dropped into the trench.

Plus, the pipe was also smaller in diameter.

George hooked a hose to one end of the pipe and a faucet to the other end at the pavilion.  It was to test the water pressure which was great! 

I'm not exactly sure what comes next on 
this project but I have a feeling 
it's not cooler temperatures.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Laying the Septic Lines - Day 1

Time to lay the septic lines, and we are not looking forward to it because of the heat. It's suppose to be near 103 today.

12:10 - 94 degrees
Back from Lowe's 
We purchased a lot of PVC pipe.

I'm ready to go and even smiling! 
I wonder how long that will last!

1:00 - 95 degrees
We started on the trench that goes 
from the side of the house 
toward the middle of the yard.

3:10 - 99 degrees
Time out to soothe the tendonitis, 
and then it's off to Home Depot. 

I've pretty much bugged out by this time cause the heat was affecting my smile! Tee-hee!  I'll stay in the house until he needs help with something but I'm on board for the trips to Home Depot though.

4:00 - 100 degrees

At the bottom of the picture above is where the trench turns and goes across the backyard.

4:30 - 101 degrees
We're about to take yet 

another trip to Home Depot or Lowe's.

5:25 - Still 101

6:10 - Holding at 101

Notice the long-awaited shade from the trees is finally approaching in the background.

Here's a picture of the swell that was
 scooped into the very back of the yard. 
I sure wouldn't mind a downpour 
right about now to test it out!

6:20 - Still 101
Reinforcements arrive! 
Linda & David

George and David worked until 7:40.

Would you believe when they were finished, 
they made another trip to Home Depot?
Believe it.
Linda and I went into the house to cook dinner 
and look at some blogs on the computer.
Now that's my kind of work!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

PVC Linking

Yesterday, George spliced a piece of PVC pipe into the septic system. 

First, he measured

Then, he cut

and glued...

Measuring, cutting, gluing! Sounds like fun.
Okay, maybe not the measuring part.

The new PVC is inserted

And another link of PVC is added

The trench below is part of today's project. We'll buy 10 foot sections of PVC, add glue, and put them in the trenches. It doesn't sound like much fun though 'cause it's suppose to be 103 and I'm a heat wimp! 


Friday, July 25, 2008

Diggin' the Backyard Up!

We've had "The Dirt Girl" here, tearing up the backyard! Why, you ask?
Because she has a front loader and a trencher, and we need front loading and trenching.  Here are the three main reasons:
  1. To make swells for better drainage;
  2. To build up dirt where George's shop will be built; and
  3. To dig trenches for water and electrical lines.
She's a trenchin'!
Below is a trench that runs from where the shop will be to the other side of the yard. From there, it turns toward the side of the house to tie in with the aerobic septic system. The shop will have a full bath in it.

Below is Trench Inspector #1 
surveying her territory

And Trench Inspector #2 
making her rounds
Here's the Supervisor of the Trench Inspectors

The area to the left of George 
is where the shop will be built.
It's being watered.

The areas that are cleared of grass (not where the shop will be) are the swells that should provide better drainage. Hopefully, Keller Lake will be a goner the next time we have heavy rain! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Trip to Indiana

We went to Indiana on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. Wednesday night, we visited with Sue, Randy, Lexus, Jeanne and Jake in Mt. Vernon and spent the night at Sue and Randy's.
Jack and Middy were meeting us in Evansville on Thursday to clean Mom Keller's house. It was the main purpose of our trip. We cleaned on Thursday and Friday, and had a very good time too. You could put us in a closet and we'd have fun!

On Saturday, we hung out at George's cousin Janet's house. I forgot to take the camera to Janet's so I missed out on pictures there. Darn it!

Lexi and her stick horse
Only Randy and George were looking!

Jake, Randy and George sitting in 

Randy's shop shooting the breeze.
Jeanne sitting on the front porch swing.
I took this when she was in mid-sentence!

Randy's horse Casper.
Can ya tell why he's called Casper?

This is Champ (left) and Patches (right)

Champ is Lexus' horse and he's a haflinger
Lexi and Mitzi Mae are both snacking.

Sue must be talking about her coffee maker.
It's like she's Vanna White.

George and Middy cleaning
Jim (George's brother) playing with the bird

Boo is completely focused on the bird
Indy Smiles,

Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Cake & Ice Cream for Preston's B'day

This has been a busy week so I'm a little late posting this but on Monday we went to see Michael, Crystal, Preston & Triston. It was Preston's actual birthday too. Even though we celebrated it previously, you can never celebrate too much, especially when you're nine!

Triston is always happy to assist with blowing out the candles!

Michael, the ice cream disher upper

Triston is trying to learn to ride a bike 
which is hard when you don't have sidewalks!
Triston beating up Paw-Paw
Crystal chillin' on this super hot day

I love my sweet granddudes!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July at Linda and David's House

We hung out at Linda & David's 
on the 4th of July, and it was fun!
Sally & Mitzi Mae were chillin'!
And so were George, Linda & David

Here's Indy. He's six months old now. He's named Indy because Linda & David got him from Sue and Randy in Indiana. Their German Shepherd Shooter is Indy's Dad.