Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Visit to See Ryan

David and Linda's son Ryan is home on leave from the Navy, and they invited us over on Saturday to visit and hang out. Ryan recently completed four years in the Navy, and just sign up for two more. He'll be shipping out to Guam for those two years on November 2nd.

This is Ryan.
He's a really nice, very sweet guy!
George & Ryan playing horseshoes
Here's David kicked back and 
very happy because Texas Tech won

David's Mom, Joanne
Indy is almost a year old and HUGE.
He thinks he's the size of a Chihuahua though.
This is sweet Belle.
She's a very SMART Border Collie.
Slick, Scout & Buddy
Three more Border Collies.
All these dogs are David and Linda's.
And I saved this one for last.
Below is Coco, Ryan's dog.
After Ryan got home, he noticed she had a cough so he took her to the vet. She was diagnosed as having cancer or a blood clot. If it was a clot, she'd be okay. If cancer, they'd probably need to put her down. They were suppose to go back to the vet yesterday but Coco died in the middle of the night. Ryan was with her. Linda commented that it seemed like she waited for Ryan to come home before passing away.

I took this picture through a fence two days before she died. Coco had an active life surrounded by doggy friends and she will be greatly missed.