Friday, November 28, 2008


We had a great time yesterday but I didn't take many photos, especially good ones but here goes. Triston arrived on Tuesday night. Preston wasn't here for Thanksgiving. He went to a deer lease with aunts, uncles and cousins on Crystal's side of the family. As I understand it, the trip involves 300 acres and four-wheelers so I'll bet he had fun.

Here is Triston taking a shower Thanksgiving morning.
Triston & Pa-Paw playing Cars on Xbox

Josh is intently playing a game on his iPhone.
Sheri would win the award for best 
photo of the day if I had an award. 
 It's a really good shot of her!
Mom and Don hanging out
Michael, Crystal, Linda, Triston, Brandy, David
Sheri, Josh, Michael Crystal, Linda
Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Preston's Last Game & Concrete for George's Shop

Preston played his last football game Saturday night on the Marcus High School field in Flower Mound. Their opponent was from that area so they had to follow their rules which were quite different like we play 5 minute quarters and these were 10 minute quarters.  We normally have a coach on the field but couldn't have one for this game. The coach usually directs them in the huddle and backs off once they line up. We were allowed to take as long as necessary in the huddle but were only allowed 30 seconds by their rules.

The beginning of the game.
It was so cold and windy that Geo, Triston, and me went to the car at halftime. They were getting beat pretty badly. We stayed there for the second half and we could see the game. It was dark by that time too.

We are singing to Christmas carols
while trying to warm up in this photo.
Since Michael was on the sideline with the team, I called him to let him know that we were in the car. He told me that the Youth Center in Gainesville needs to change the rules so that they are more able to compete with these teams. Apparently, these different rules are more the norm and this subject has been brought up before but the Youth Center has not been very accommodating. He said, "These kids aren't going to want to play next year. They're really discouraged but we gave them a good pep talk at halftime."

When it was all said and done, they lost 54-0.
They came a long way from the beginning of the season though, and really played pretty well. Crystal told me that during their first practice when the coach told them to line up on the ball, they all got in a straight line behind the ball. She said it was hilarious!

I also thought it was cute at the first game when I heard a kid following a coach around saying, "He holded on me."
They received a 4th place trophy.
I love this team photo showing Preston
hamming it up while holding his trophy!
At long last, the concrete for the shop is down. This end of the shop will have a regular door with a window on each side because that's the side that faces the street.
We'll be having more concrete poured in the next few weeks.The driveway (which is behind where this picture is taken) will be extended to go around the right side of the shop and across the back of it so we can park an RV back there someday. (We'll make a carport over it.)
There will be two garage doors on the right side.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preston's Football and George's Shop

On Veteran's Day, Preston's team, the Roughriders, participated in a play-off game. The winner would play in a Super Bowl on Saturday (yesterday) to determine a 3rd and 4th place winner, and the game would be on the Gainesville High School football field. The Roughriders won their Veteran's Day game and we had a blast! Then yesterday, they played in the Super Bowl but lost which put them in 4th place.

Unfortunately, all the pictures I took yesterday did not come out. I am so disappointed because I had pictures of Preston holding up his cute little trophy. 

There is good news though. At the end of the game yesterday, the coach told them that they still have another game to play. No one knew about it so it was a surprise! This Saturday, the 22nd, they will play another 4th place (in Lewisville) so I guess perhaps they are following a region or division thing. 

It was sooo cold yesterday too--the wind chill was in the 30's. Crystal, Geo and me were huddled next to a brick wall sitting on cement steps throughout the game. Michael works the down sticks on the sidelines so he had to stand out in it but I doubt it bothered him as much as it did us. 
Photos from the Veteran's Day game.
Cutie Preston
The Roughriders (in blue) and their opponent.
Fireworks across the road.

At long last, it's being framed for the concrete to be poured. He had some concrete guys working on it Friday and they'll be back tomorrow. PROGRESS! Yay!
It's 30' x 50'