Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Horses and a Pony Girl

Here are some photos my 
sister Sue sent from Indiana.

Sue's new Appaloosa horse named Possum.

Lexus with her pony, Dandy (left)
Goose (middle), Casper, right.
Goose was Sue's horse
before Possum.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthday Celebration

On Sunday, we had a birthday celebration for Triston (and me).

Here's the birthday boy.
He's five now!
Crystal didn't feel good at all.
Can ya tell?
She was a trooper though!

George and Michael

Josh and Sheri
Josh is taking a picture of me
taking a picture of him.
Triston's eyes got big when he
saw this was a zero gravity RC car.

It goes up the walls.
He loved it and so did Preston.
Triston blowing out his candles
with Preston looking on.
Triston's birthday was actually on the 4th.  He had a party at home on that day so after he blew out his candles here, he asked "Am I six now?"  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Workshop Update

George has been working on
lights up in the shop.

He got two rows of lights up which is 
24 lights. One more row of 12 to go!

Below is Keller Lake which was
much bigger several days ago!

As you can see, the area is low up against the new concrete.  In addition, there are ruts left from the cement trucks. We'll be getting a couple loads of dirt soon.  Then, the dirt girl will be back to smooth it all out, and make it drain to the other side of the house.  She'll fill the trenches in too.  We are ready to be rid of them. 
(This photo was taken from the edge of the back patio.)