Thursday, January 28, 2010

At last, here's the pictures from Sunday at Sue & Randy's in Indiana the weekend before last.

Another cute little two year old!
(Sue & Randy's granddaughter)

Aaliyah & her sister Lexus

Randy & my niece Stacie.

The two cuties in the above
picture are Stacie's daughters.

My nephew Dustin and
his sweet fiancee Jennifer.

My niece Malia and her boyfriend Sam.

This was the first time we met him.


Left (front to back): Janice, Eldora, Jeanne,
Right: Sam, Malia (far right), Cindy,
and Lexus is in the very front.
(Janice, Cindy & Eldora are family friends)

Jeanne and Janice
(Janice is also the daytime
bartender at Koodie-Hoo's)

Mother & Daughter,
Sue & Stacie

Jeanne & Me

Eldora, Janice, Jeanne & Cindy

Sadly, the Cowboys lost their playoff game that day but Sue, Jeanne and I decided to show that we still support them and always will. I threw Geo's sweatshirt on for the pictures.

I had my Romo jersey on but took it off when they were losing 14-3 just before halftime. Every time I wore it last year, they lost so I didn't wear it all year until now! And guess what? THEY LOST (even though I removed the jersey before halftime)! Obviously, it was too little, too late, and I caused the loss! After all, whether or not the Cowboys win is solely dependent on what I am wearing! I'm just saying... in case you didn't know!

Oh well, perhaps next year.
In the meantime, the Super Bowl is 10 days away and all I can say is


With Super Bowl Smiles

Friday, January 22, 2010

Indy Trip--Visitng with the Kellers

The weekend before last, George, Mom and I drove up to Indiana for a visit with George's family and mine. (Okay, I'm slow to post!) We spent Friday with George's Mom and family. On Saturday, we spent the day with his Mom and brother. Sunday was for watching playoffs and visiting at Sue & Randy's. Of course, Mom stayed with Sue and/or Jeanne the entire trip.

On Friday, Jack, Middy, Adam, Mandy and Mallory drove up from Tennessee. We all went to Laurie's house (George's cousin) to visit. Here are pics from Friday.
Mom Keller

Cutie Pie Miss Mallory here.
She's two years old, and
a little ball of energy!

Adam, Mallory, Middy & Mom
This is sweet Mac, George's
cousin Laurie's grandson.

Got that?
He's nine months old.

Little Miss Energy
having a sleepy moment!

Check out Mac's
adorable PJ's!

Here's Peyton! He's also two years old,
and quite a handsome little man.

I had to include this pic of Adam
and Mallory. I think she looks
like her Daddy in this picture!

Tresa and Eric (Peyton's parents)
playing with the kids.
Laurie and
Aaron (Laurie's nephew) are standing.

Here's a group photo!

Tomorrow (or later today), I'll post pics of Sunday at Sue & Randy's house.

Group Smiles Forever,


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Shop is Insulated!

Right before the end of the year, George was able to finally get the shop insulated! A company came and sprayed the dickens out of it putting 2 to 3 inches of white, snowy looking stuff on the walls and ceiling. It was a race against the weather as extreme cold and possible ice were coming but they got 'r done!

Now in this picture of the ceiling around the skylights, it looks yellow but that's due to my off-color picture taking skills. You can see the texture though! Feel it. Go ahead. Texture, huh?

You can see the white
insulation much better here.

And more snowy white.
Most of it'll be covered up eventually.

Next, he'll finish the two rooms that are framed in the picture below. One is a bathroom and the other is a little office with an extra sleeping area for company. If you visit us and you don't behave, you sleep in the shop! Tee-hee-hee! Above those rooms will be a storage loft. Yahoo!

It looks so clean! Most of the crap/junk/stuff (pick one) was temporarily moved back into the garage. All of these items are on wheels so George could push them outside while it was being insulated. Since I took these pics, he's started moving a few things back.

Sending George's White, Warm and Insulated Smiles,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Big Ole Dog Fight

Linda and David have four Border Collies-- Belle, Buddy, Scout and Slick. They also have two German Shepherds, Tex and Indy. Three of the Border Collies are housed in a huge pen with a doggie door which goes into David's shop. Tex, Indy, and one of the Border Collies, Belle, are pretty much house dogs. On nice days or when they go places, Tex and Indy are put in the pen with the Border Collies. Up to this point, they've gotten along (or perhaps they just tolerated each other).

Indy and Tex are rather young. They got Tex last year, and I think it was the year before when they got Indy.

Last week when Indy and Tex were out with the Border Collies, Linda heard a lot of noise that she said "didn't sound quite right." She went out to investigate only to find Indy and Tex viciously fighting with Buddy. The dog next door had come up to their fence. It got all the dogs riled up and when they couldn't get to that dog, Indy and Tex turned on Buddy. In the past, Buddy has been known to antagonize and challenge Indy and Tex at times, especially when they're outside of the pen.

Here are the bad boys.
Indy (l), Tex (r)

At first, Linda couldn't get in the pen. David had it wired so she had to go through the shop. David had just gotten in the shower and there was no time to go get him. When she finally got the fight broken up, she was furious. Buddy was laying on the ground, and Tex and Indy were scrambling to get away from the Wrath of Linda. She told me that she was acting like a maniac because she was so mad at them!

When she finished with Tex and Indy, she got a blanket, wrapped Buddy in it, and they took him into the house. She said blood was everywhere and they tried to clean him up. Bite marks were all over him--huge gashes! They called the vet and took him in.

The vet spent three hours in surgery. He told them that Buddy needed to spend the night, and he wasn't even sure he'd make it. The news was good the next day though. Buddy was doing fine and they were able to bring him home.

Here's Buddy.

He has these latex
tubes all over the place.

The halo is so he can't get to them.

Poor thing!
Needless to say, Tex and Indy will never be put into the Border Collies' pen again. In fact, the vet told them that it would definitely happen again. David is planning to build a separate pen for Tex and Indy. In the meantime, it'll be the backyard for them. As for Belle being in the house with Tex and Indy--she's old, they grew up with her, and she doesn't challenge them like Buddy did.

Linda tells me Buddy is back to acting normal and he gets all the latex drains removed on Tuesday.

Smilin' for Buddy,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas in Tennessee

I said I was going to post about the big dog fight at Linda's house but I lied! Middy sent me some pictures of their Christmas, and since that took place LAST YEAR, I thought I'd post it next.

Here's cute little Miss Mallory.

Nicole, Mandy, Mallory and
Mom in the background.
(Mandy is Mallory's Mom.)

Check out Mallory's cute antlers.

Adam & Nicole
(brother & sister)

Looks like Mallory is hard
at work opening presents!

Adam, Nicole & Mandy
(Adam is Mandy's hubby & Mallory's Dad)
Great picture!

Thanks for the pictures Middy.
Everybody looks really good!

Tomorrow I'll post about the dog fight and pictures of poor Buddy, the Border Collie.

With New Year Smiles,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Better Late than Never-Christmas at Linda's

I've been a neglectful blogger lately but that's the way it goes sometimes. There have been several blog-worthy events since my last post, and even though it's time to post them, I'm not going to put them all in this post. I'll start with Christmas at Linda and David's house.

Here's pretty Shaylah
(Linda & David's granddaughter)

Shaylah's Mom & Dad,
Kyle & Stephanie

My Sweet and Wonderful Niece Brandy

Nana and Shaylah

Sis & Bro,
Brandy & Kyle

George & David

Next I'll post about the big ole dog fight at Linda's house. It'll be either later today or tomorrow. In the meantime, the BCS Championship game is tonight--GO TEXAS!

With Hook 'em Horn Smiles,