Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Projects Plan

Yesterday, we cleaned out the garage. Well kinda. We had to move some things to the shop and rearrange other things so that we can get to the yard and garden supplies amongst other things. It's getting that time of year!

Even the garage refrigerator went to the shop. It's not in it's permanent home in the shop but it's in the shop and that works for me!

George really wasn't as unhappy
as he looks in this picture of
him pushing the frig to the shop.

The frige has wheels and
rolled along rather well.
Go George go!

As you can see from all the shiny metal,
George has been doing duct work lately.
I was expecting to see ducks working
when I got out there but nooooo
it was merely ducT work.
So here's our plan for upcoming projects~~kinda:
For the next couple of weeks, George will continue to work in the shop.
For two weeks after that, he'll be doing daily OT at work as well as his usual weekends so that's about all he'll have time for.
Once the daily OT is done, we start building the garden shed. I plan to help with it. Do you think I need some overalls and chewing tobacco?

As many of you know, the
slab for it is already there.
(That's Geo and the Dirt Girl. She bulldozed
our yard level except it's not really level.)

The goal is to have the garden shed completed by the time the heat of the summer sets in. I'm hoping the heat (over 90) takes it's time getting here and doesn't stay too long. Yeah, like that'll happen but a gal can dream, cant' she?! Anyway, once the garden shed is complete, Geo thinks he'll work in the shop for the summer.

Oh, but then comes my favorite~~autumn!! This year, autumn is not only my favorite because of cooler temps, the aura of the holiday season, and my beloved FOOTBALL season but also because of the next project which is closing in the garage to be my studio! YAY! I'm excited! George says we hope to have that project done by maybe November or so. After that, we start replacing floors in the bathrooms.

So, now that I've put our plans out there for the entire world to see (because the entire world reads this blog), let's just see if the plan goes as scheduled. Oh, and in there somewhere, he might try to work on replacing some of the fence. I'm just exhausted from writing about it.

Smiling with Project Support and Assistance,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Hear It's Spring

This is Friday, the day before Spring.
As you can see, the Bradford
Pears are blooming beautifully.
Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring.
But wait!

This was the scene out the back
door just before I went to bed last night!
Perhaps I was already dreaming?

But no, here's what it looked like this morning.
A fluffy white wonderland with wind
chills in the 20's and 30's.

Tomorrow we're headed to the 60's!

With Fluffy White Smiles,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break with Preston & Triston

Preston and Triston are on spring break so George and I picked them up yesterday morning to come spend a few days with us.

Here's Michael when
we picked them up.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch
and then dropped by Barnes & Noble.

Next, we went to see Alice in Wonderland
in 3D. It was good and the 3D was awesome!

After that, we stopped by a carnival that's temporarily set up in the mall parking lot.

Triston on the ferris wheel.

Preston on the ferris wheel.

George and Preston rode the kamakazi.
Triston didn't want any part of it!

Then, it was on to the
bumper cars for the boys.

When we first arrived at the carnival, Preston wanted to ride the swing but Triston said no. He was quite apprehensive, perhaps a little afraid. After they rode all the rides mentioned above (and a rather lame haunted house ride), we watched the swing for a little while. After observing and with a little coaxing, Triston finally decided that he wanted to try it.
Apparently, they saved the best ride for last because they both said it was their favorite! I love this picture!

George took the day off yesterday to spend time with the kids but he's back to work today so it's just the three of us. It's 55 and sunny at the moment and on the way to the mid 60's so we're headed outdoors to walk the dogs and absorb the pretty day.

Smilin' in the Sunshine,

Monday, March 15, 2010