Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 3~Durango, Our Final Day

Believe it or not, I've finally gotten around to posting our final day in Durango!

First off, if I had 1,000 thumbs I'd use them all to give 1,000 thumbs up to the cabins where we stayed. I can't say enough good things about O-Bar-O Cabins! Just 12 pretty miles out of Durango, nine cabins are available, and we happily called the lovely Hummingbird cabin our home for several days. It was quaint, clean, and provided all the modern comforts of home and then some.  With the soothing sound of the busy Florida River bouncing along just outside the back door, it is an amazing place for a relaxing getaway!   

Maria and Mike, two of the owners, were more than accommodating. They live in one of the cabins and were friendly, full of information and guidance, and a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend O-Bar-O Cabins! Check out the link for pictures and more info. 

On our last day in Durango, we walked around the property first thing that morning.  

Pretty little dam!

Beautiful, tall, tall trees!
Love it!

George under teepee supports.  
That's probably not what they're 
called but it's what I call them.

Can ya hear the Florida River 
navigating its destined path?

Go for it Jack!
And he did.

The Pointer Brothers
(No relation to the Pointer Sisters).

Resting up after all that pointing.

Jack and George sporting their new boots

After walking the property, we headed 
to see the cliff dwellings of the
Ancestral Pueblo people.

This is the driveway leading
from the cabins to the road.

Walking to the dwellings

Very cool but I sure 
wouldn't want to live there!

Interesting place but I wondered
where the microwave was...

And where was their big screen TV!

Great view!

We went down a ladder and came out 
in a very tiny underground room where
there was not much to do but point!

Middy, Jack and Me in the underground room.  
Perhaps this was the Pueblo media room?

After Mesa Verde, we headed back 
to the cabin to sit by the fire pit.
It was a chilly but gorgeous day.

Jack fed the fire.
It was quite hungry!

We broke out the hot dogs!
Middy and I wondered if bears 
would show up but they didn't.

This beautiful kitty joined us.
I'm not sure if this is 
Peanut or Crouton but he 
belongs to the owners. 

It was a relaxing, joyous day except for
knowing that we had to leave in the morning!

Roasted marshmallows were mandatory.

And quite tasty too!

After the fire pit, we retired to the cabin and 
watched the Mavericks win a playoff game. YAY!
It was an awesome time and I want to go back!  

With Hummingbird Smiles,

Next up, Josh & Sheri's wedding.