Thursday, August 25, 2011

Josh & Sheri's Wedding

It's been over a month but I'm finally getting the pictures from Josh and Sheri's wedding posted.

It all started by the pool in the afternoon.

Then came the wedding.
I love the waterfall background!

Next, of course, was the reception!

The Traditional Dances

Sheri's parents had been married the
longest of all the guests--43 years--so
the garter went to her Mom.

I didn't know who these kiddos were 
but the little girl in the black and white 
dress danced the night away and 
she was good at it too!

Fun with bubbles!

Adam was hilarious!  

And last but not least my very 
favorite picture of the newlyweds!

The wedding was lovely and a very good time!
Congratulations to Josh & Sheri!

Many Smiles,