Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas #1

Christmas #1

Due to work schedules, we had our family Christmas on the 16th.

Time to open packages.


Lots going on.

Triston loves his hoodie.

The boys TV was messed up in a storm
so they were very glad to get a new one.

Hanging and visiting time.

Pa-Paw loading a Pez dispenser.

The kids had a rocket that launched 
using baking soda and vinegar.

Stand back.

It was so fast, I couldn't 
even get a pic of it.

It was a very nice day outside as you can tell.

Don't worry brother, I got your back!

As usual, everyone had a really nice time!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BEP Christmas Party

The party was held at the beautiful Omni Hotel in Fort Worth.

Let's start at the tree.
Kenneth and Linda

Sal and Phyllis

Rick and Carrie

Brian and Diane

Perry and Jennifer

Jeff and Rhonda

Robin and Jen

George and me

Jeff, Ernest and Corey

Robin and Carl

Rick and Carrie again

Ray, Ernest and Robin

Rick, Jen and Robin

How about some dancing?

I think everyone had a really
nice time as you can probably tell!
All the photos can be seen on the Union website,
click here to view them.

With Party Smiles,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Linda and I attended the Thanksgiving dinner at Mom's nursing home.

They fixed Mom's hair up all pretty.
It's long now and the colors are beautiful.

She is doing so well, and of course we love it!

On Thanksgiving Day, we went to Linda and David's house.
Sue and Randy were in from Indiana too.
I forgot to take a decent camera so these
pictures are not good at all but here goes.

Pretty Linda!

Linda's daughters and granddaughter.
From the top--Tracy, Brandy and Shaylah

Kyle (Linda's son), Shaylah, Brandy and Zack

Geo, David and Randy
Watching football.

Shaylah giving Randy a kiss.
Smiling Sue in the background.

All us gals

Shaylah is a hoot--quite entertaining!

This just makes me laugh!

Sending Smiles from Turkeys,

Friday, November 16, 2012

Daisy State Park, Arkansas~Part Two

Day two of the trip (Sunday) started out with some light rain which turned into a heavy rain with severe weather warnings for the rest of the day.  Tom & Phyllis and Kenneth & Linda decided to pack it in and head home so they did.

I wanted to watch the Cowboys v. Eagles game but there was no cable and our antenna was not picking up a thing!  Nada!  Nothing!  Zero!  Zilch!  (Insert a heavy sigh here).  So what's a girl to do?  Actually, I'm not sure what a girl is to do but I know what we did!  Joe, Linda, George and I drove to Buffalo Wild Wings in Hot Springs to watch it, and of course, to chow down on some good food.
The four of us.

Good one of Linda and Joe!

We're having a good time!

Carrie and Rick joined us for a little 
while too but they didn't stay too long.
 It was really fun, and the Cowboys won!

The next day, it was time to go home for all of us but before we did, Joe, Linda, George and I drove over to the Narrow Dam.  There it is from the water side where we saw it on the pontoon.

The dam from the street side 

A lovely view off a nearby bridge

Joe and Linda's chihuahua, Harley, went with us.
He's a sweetie!

We stumbled across a little Mexican Restaurant in tiny Murfreesboro so we stopped for lunch.  We were glad we did because it was excellent!
I was quite enamored by this colorful caterpillar in the window sill next to our table.

When we were about to leave, I snapped this good shot of Carrie with their dogs, Maggie and Harley.

Linda took this one of us with Daisy and Sally.

After the Narrow Dam, the Mexican food, and the two pictures above, we headed home.  It's about a five hour drive.  Not too bad!

That's Rick & Carrie leading the way, 
Joe and Linda are just in front of us.

So long Daisy State Park.  
We'll hopefully see you again sometime!

Autumn Smiles,