Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~~Shop Update~~

It's been quite awhile since I posted progress pictures of George's shop. Okay, it's been forever so here's a bit of something--FOR NOW.

Geo has one lovely and very large red wall in the shop. 
Can you see it in the picture below?
Okay, good.

He finally got the TV he wanted too.
Can you see it in the picture below?
Okay, good. 

If not, squint real hard and look behind
the yellow ladder. That's where you might be 
able to catch a glimpse of the sleek and 
elusive electronic beauty!

The TV isn't hooked up yet though. 
Geo (I like to call him Mr. Electronics) is 
waiting until March when Dish Network 
distributes their brand spankin' new DVR.
I suspect it's probably a 
heavy duty, 
high definition, 
super duper, 
industrial strength,
lumber scented,
But what do I know!

Now that's all well and good but it's not 
what this post is about.
Good thing, huh?

Anyway, can you see the three cutouts on 
the left-hand side, at the top of the 
lovely and very large red wall?
Okay, good.

There will be steps up to the cutout on the far-right of those three.

See the blue tape next to it?
Okay, good.
It really isn't important, I just 
wanted to know if you could see it!

Can you see the steps in the photo below?
Okay, good.
Geo built them! 

Since then, he's been working seven days
a week so the steps are just layin' low 
until he can take the next "step" 
which is putting them up.

And another view.

The steps will sit flush against the wall
and roll out to be in the proper stepping
position when they're needed.
Very cool!

The cutout on the far left of those three, 
holds a speaker that was made for Geo 
by his brother Jim many moons ago. 
Geo custom made the cutout to fit the speaker.

The cutout in the middle is 
a pet project that Mr. Electronics
has planned for the future.

He wants to build an electronic 
platform on which we can load tubs, etc.
to be lifted up to the loft with the mere
push of a button!
(That will sure come in handy at Christmas!) 
I guess you could say that it will be
a modern-day dumbwaiter.
Probably a 
heavy duty, 
high definition, 
super duper,
industrial strength,
lumber scented,

But don't hold me to it.

I have no doubts that it will be a 
magnificent dumbwaiter because 
Geo is really good at this stuff!

I'll post pics of the new ladder (not the old 
yellow one unless there is a high demand for it) 
when he gets it in place.
You may or may not want to stay tuned!

Smiles and Grins,

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Tennessee

A few days after Christmas with our kids and grandkids, we drove to Jack and Middy's house in Tennessee for another Christmas. Tennessee is one of my favorite places and so is Jack and Middy's comfy home!

Jack had his trains up and running!

They are very cool!

The engine has steam coming out!
Can you see it?

Lots of real steam and it smelled good too.

The kids at play!

Geo snapping iPhone pics of the
train coming out of the
cinder-block tunnel.

Nicole, Jax, Adam and Mandy

She likes to jabber and 
is fun to listen to.

He's a very sweet, happy baby!

With Mimi helping, 
Mallory is focused!

That's one cute family!

Jack and George

Surprise Mallory!

This is a good one of Mom.

George, Mallory and Jim

Pretty Nicole and Jax

We played four or five games of Bingo
and this Titans Snuggie was
one of the winner's gifts.
Adam won it but Mandy claimed it!

Middy and George
watching the trains.

Pa-Paw is making Mallory laugh!
Love it!

And there's Boo!

She's checking out the food.

We ate some great food and snacks, opened presents, ate some more, played Bingo and Scrabble, ate some more, watched movies, ate some more, sat outside, ate some more...  You get the picture.  Isn't that the way it's suppose to be at Christmas time?  It was a wonderful visit, and we had a really great time!

Now on with 2012. I hope yours is filled with many blessings, lots of love, much prosperity, a ton of kindness, immense joy, and of course many, many Smiles!