Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two Cuties Dropped By

The other day my sister Linda dropped by with her pretty little granddaughter Shaylah.

Shaylah with our Boston Terrier Daisy.

A great picture of Shaylah and Nana!

Many Smiles To You,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Backyard Clean-Up

We just finished up several days of much needed rain, but before it rained, we took advantage of the nice weather and started raking up the leaves under part of the treed section in our backyard.

We raked from the fence up by the pavilion over to the dry creek bed which is about halfway across the yard.

I raked...

and raked...

...a little each day for four days.
The picture above is taken with the 
dry creek bed about 10 feet behind me,
our stopping point for now.

When George came home from work 
each night, we picked up piles of leaves.
We sat under the pavilion too.
It goes like this: 

pick up a few bags, 
sit under the pavilion, 
pick up a few, 
sit and sit and sit, 
pick up a few, 
sit and sit and sit and sit, 
pick up a few, 
sit and sit and sit and sit and sit
and sit and sit and sit and sit
and sit some more.

It took me about 4-1/2 hours total 
to rake them all but it took us at least 
four nights to pick them up because 
of all the sitting that is required. 

It's a law.
In Texas.

Must sit between raking 
and picking up leaves. 

Or go to jail.

We don't want to go to jail. 
It requires too much sitting.

Daisy was taunted by a squirrel during the 
raking, picking up, and sitting process.
It kept her busy for quite awhile!
When it was all over with, we had about 
45 of these Contractor's bags full of leaves.

Notice I capitalized Contractor's?
It's because Contractors 
are very important.
They have their own bags.

If you get your own bags, I'll 
capitalize your name and title too.
(Your Name Here), Bag Owner.

A storm came through about a 
month ago and did us a favor by 
bringing down these dead trees. 
Can you see them?

Cutting them down was on our 
to-do list but we can mark it off 
now and go right to the clean up!  

By the way, the bottom of the picture
above starts just across the dry creek bed.

In addition to the tree clean-up,
there are more leaves to be raked
but thankfully not as
many as we just removed.

I'm sad that we only got about 2 or 3 hours of snow this year but I'm happy that spring is pretty much here. 

I'll be much happier if it will linger until September though.

Spring Smiles to Y'all,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Shop Stairway

Awhile back, George finished building the steps up to the storage loft in the shop.

Yeah, I'm slow at blogging it!

The steps pulled out for climbing.

And now they're tucked
away against the wall.

This is a worktable that he made.
He has everything in his shop on wheels.
Very cool.

Here's the bigger picture.

He's quite a nifty, crafty, smart, builder.
Cute too!


Friday, March 2, 2012

Mom on Valentine's Day

I'm late on this one but I just remembered that I didn't post it. Actually, it happened when I saw the pictures just sitting there in the file, glaring sadly at me. Then they yelled, "Yoo-hoo! We're still waiting to be posted!"

And when pictures talk, I listen!

Mom's nursing home had a Valentine's candlelit dinner for the residents and a dance afterwards.

Doesn't Mom look cute?

George and Mom
We opened her sweater so 
you could see the dress.
People donated dresses for the
ladies and jackets for the men.

A seven-piece band performed lots of 
good, really old country songs.
We enjoyed listening to them.  
They were nice folks from Gainesville,
Collinsville, Pilot Point and other
towns in the area.

On the way out, George says to me,
"Hey, they're here once a month!"
I detected a bit of excitement in his voice.
I had to ask--
"So now you want to come to the nursing 
home once a month to hear the band?"
He chuckled, and said yes!

So we'll be having a big 
night out once a month now!
At the nursing home...
I hear you laughing.
So am I.

With Smiles and Gallons of Laughter,