Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We're RVers!

After a month of intense looking, we finally bought an RV. It's not brand new but it's new to us and we love it!  The previous owner took excellent care of it so it looks like new.

It's a 2005 Fleetwood Southwind. 
Let me take you on a tour.

It's 32' long.
The front and side.

Obviously, the back and other side.

Mission Control!
The glass door to the right of the TV has a radio and DVD player in it. 
There's Surround Sound too.

Look! It has a steering wheel!
That's a backup camera
with sound to the right of it.
It had 17,500 miles on it, 
and we've added just a few more.

This front dash pulls out,
and has compartments inside.  
The top part will be 
handy for the laptop or iPad.

"The Chair" behind Mission Control.
(Not to be confused with the
chair in George Strait's old song!)
It's a recliner and the little table 
pulls up and out from the wall!

Looking to the back from Mission Control.
Ground control to Major George.
Ground control to Major George.
Take your protein pills 
and put your helmet on!
That song just popped into my head!
Picturing Geo doing it, makes me laugh

It has two slide outs.  
The booth and couch are 
on the front slide out.  
There's a bed inside the couch, 
and the booth converts to a bed.

The kitchen has a 14' fridge
with four-doors and an ice maker.  
The microwave is a convection oven 
which I have no idea how to use.
I can learn though.
It looks like there's a window below 
the cabinets but no! The backsplash
 is all mirrors which are reflecting
the windows across the way
(as seen in the picture above).

You can tell a little better that 
they're mirrors in this photo.
In fact, the place is full of mirrors!

The exciting hallway!
Next to the fridge (left) is a roomy closet.
The door knob on the right is the bath
but we'll get to that in a minute.

The bed is the other slide out.
It's a queen size.

Here's the wardrobe, TV, and desk
which will be my make-up table.
Same thing, different view
From the bedroom to the front.
The bath is just across from that 
mirrored closet you see on the right.
Let's go inside now.

It's quite small but cozy.
And it works just fine!
Last one!
It also has leveling jacks, two roof a/c units, and an automatic awning. There's "guy" stuff that Geo likes too. For instance, it has an engine!

We camped out in the backyard Friday and Saturday nights because we needed to stick around here. It was a good way to break in the girls to new surroundings. On Sunday night, we camped in my sister Linda's yard which is about 45 miles from here. We spent Memorial Day swimming in their pool and hanging out. It was a fun time!  

So we are RVers but we haven't officially been RVing--yet!  We can't wait to go somewhere though!

It's parked out behind the shop, and Geo plans to build a cover over top of it but last night it hailed big time at 3:00 in the morning! It's been storming all morning and it HAILED AGAIN earlier!

Can you see all that hail behind the RV?
 I hope there's not a lot of hail damage!

Hail out front.

It was almost golf ball size and smaller. 

Next to the furniture 
cover on the back patio.

The girls are scared and 
have been freaking out.
Daisy pants and follows me around.

Sally hides! 
I guess if you hide from
a storm, it can't find you.
Or maybe you won't hear it! 
 This is one of her two favorite hiding spots.

More later.

Sending RV Smiles,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pretty in Yellow

We have cacti growing up under the treed section of the yard.  Years ago, we had one little patch, but as the years have passed, we've gradually gotten a few more here and there. I'm guessing that the fall leaves mulch them really well so they're protected through the winter. This year, many more have popped up.  Perhaps our mild winter had something to do with it.  I wonder why they grow up under our trees and not out in the open area of the yard.

In any event, they're blooming!

This is just part of the largest patch.

This one has a bee inside!
At least, I think it's a bee.

There's a little bug on this one too.
It's not a ladybug but it looks similar.
Perhaps it's a relative? 
Like maybe a gentleman bug.

When I first saw these, the 1969 
movie Cactus Flower came to mind.

Remember that flick?
Goldie won and Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting actress. 
I know because looked it up!  

In honor of Goldie, the Golden Globes were named after her.  
Okay, I LIED!  They weren't named after her but it sounded good for a minute!  

This was a rather pretty post but  
up next is a somewhat ugly post.

Cactus Flower Smiles,