Friday, June 22, 2012

A few weeks back Michael & Crystal went to Cancun.  At least, I think it was Cancun.
Or was it Cozumel?  
Or Idaho Falls?  
Or Siberia?  
Nah, it was Cancun!  
While they were happily vacationing, we had four visitors--Preston, Triston, and two puppies, Isa (9 months old) and Kahlua (9 weeks old).  

Triston & Preston playing on the XBOX.

This is Isa.
She's a sweetie pie!

You may remember this sweet pic of Isa from last October when she was a tiny tot.  She's eye to eye with Daisy, our Boston Terrier.

This is Kahlua in Triston's arms.
She's a little doll!

Preston loving on Isa.

Isa and Kahlua are half Maltese and half Shih Tzu.  They have the same Mom & Dad too but look quite different.  
Isa is more like a Maltese and Kalhua looks exactly like a Shih Tzu.  In fact, George and I were amazed at how much she reminded us of our sweet Mitzi Mae.  We miss her so much!  Just the way she laid down and moved around brought back memories for us.  

Our crate came in handy at various times too.

They liked napping in it but they 
made it known when they were done.

This isn't the best picture but 
it's all four girls chillin' together.

Have a Smilin' Day,

Friday, June 15, 2012

We RV'd For the First Time

We really didn't go very far from home but we finally got to do some RVing!  George had Monday off so we left after he got off work Saturday.  The place we had in mind was much farther than we thought so we changed plans at the last minute and ended up taking off with no reservations anywhere.

All we knew was that we were going to Oklahoma.  We didn't make it very far into Oklahoma either because we decided to stop at the first RV campground that we knew--Winstar World Casino (exit 1).  It's only one hour from home.  They had two RV slots left for only one night which was perfect because we only wanted one night.

Shuttles run from the RV campgrounds to the casino every 15 minutes 24/7 so we hopped a shuttle and roamed the casino from one end to the other.  It took awhile because it's enormous (and still growing)!  Our son works there so I texted him to find out what area he was working in, and we were able to visit with him on his break.

We didn't get any pictures of the casino campgrounds but they were all nice concrete slabs.  There weren't any trees though except very small, newly-planted stuff.  They provide a shower and laundry facility, and I believe a pool is opening soon.

The next night we ended up at Juniper Creek West on Lake Texoma.  It's on the Texas side, and about 50 minutes from home.  It was an awesome spot!

I forgot our Canon so I took 
a few pics on the iPhone.  
Just outside the front window.

We relaxed.

As you can tell from the screen, 
I took the pic below from inside.  
I intended to get some outside 
pictures but I forgot.
Pretend the screen isn't there.

The lake and a bit of a neighboring site.  

Just outside the door was a 
nice metal picnic table.

Another shot of the lake.
I took these lake pics sitting in the booth.
We really enjoyed the view!

We don't have satellite yet so 
we're not getting TV stations.  
We watched DVD's.  

The girls did great!

They had a relaxing time too.
It looks like it's time to 
take Sally to the groomer!

We're looking for a vehicle to pull behind the RV so we can move about when we settle in an RV campground.  We'd like a Suzuki Sidekick, Geo Tracker, Isuzu Amigo or a Jeep Wrangler (perhaps one from the 90's).  The Jeep Wrangler is our first choice.  We're learning that it's going to be difficult to find something that old that's in good condition.  It seems that folks go four-wheelin' and rough ridin' in them so they've been put through a lot.  Hopefully, the right vehicle will pop up.

Have a Smilin' Day,