Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas at the Nursing Home

Linda and I went to the Christmas celebration at Mom's nursing home.  Brenda, one of the aides, fixed Mom's hair and makeup beautifully.  

She looked very pretty!  
Check out those gorgeous curls!

I LOVE this picture!
We had a very nice time.
The next day I took Preston 
and Triston to see their Great Gram.
Happy!  Happy!

Still Smiling,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Celebration

I'm sharing some turkey day photos!  



Michael & George
I really need to fix that clock. The time is soooo wrong!

Shaylah & her Aunt Tracy (our niece).

Michael & Crystal
Michael had to work so they 
needed to leave at 3:30.

Preston & Triston stayed until Sunday though.  

Niece Brandy

Girl Power

Crystal was missing from our 
Girl Power pic so we did it again.
Now we're all in it so it's a true Girl Power pic!
Tracy, Stephanie, Linda, Shaylah, Donna, Crystal, Brandy

Shaylah trying to block Aunt Brandy out of the pic.
Shaylah is Kyle & Stephanie's daughter, 
my sister Linda's granddaughter.
Shaylah is seven and a hoot!  
She's always giggling and laughing, 
a very happy & fun child!

Josh & Sheri
They had to work too and 
couldn't make it until after dark.
Bummer again!

David, George & Linda

The Beautiful Pinizzotto Family

Nephew Kyle

Wonderful George!
The day was filled with good food, lots of laughter 
and we were all thrilled that 
the COWBOYS won!  

We hope that your Thanksgiving day was the grandest of times too!

Still Smilin'

Monday, November 25, 2013

Buckhorn Campground~Sulphur, Oklahoma

We RV'd up to beautiful Buckhorn Campground in Sulphur, Oklahoma for several days the beginning of November.  It's in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area which is not owned by the Chickasaw nation but named after them. 

Autumn is my favorite season and 
Buckhorn's colors were delightful.

Around the campground.

All lined up--six couples, 
four on this side shown here, and two across from us.

Geo and the girls at our site.

A peek out the RV door.
Geo trying out his electric fire pit.
Or is it propane?  I'm not sure.

A morning gathering behind Linda and Joe's 
site which was next to our site.

See that picnic table?
It's where we were gathered in the above pic.

Getting ready for a fish fry behind Rick & Carrie's site.

Sandy, Linda, and Phyllis taking a stroll.

Sweet Tootie all warm and comfy 
in a blanket and Joe's arms.

Tootie keeping Carrie warm!

He's my Facebook friend and 
this was the first time I met him!
He works with George.

I'm in love with this place!
It's only a couple hours from home too.
See ya later Buckhorn.
We will be back!

Have a Smiling Autumn and
a Happy Thanksgiving,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Braunfels, San Antonio & Gruene RV Trip

At the end of my last post, I mentioned that I'd post a video which would be Part 5 of our Florida trip.   I have had lots of issues with creating the video but, hopefully, I will be posting that soon.  For now, I'm moving on to another RV trip.

In October, we had a trip scheduled to Buckhorn Campground in Sulphur, Oklahoma.  Due to the government shutdown, it was closed so we decided to go to Rio Raft Resort (now called Rio Guadalupe Resort) in New Braunfels.  My sister Linda went with us and we met up with our good friends Joe and Linda.  

We visited this RV park, the San Antonio River Walk, and Gruene around this time last year.  I posted quite a few pictures then so I'm not posting too many this time.  

The first night we went to San Antonio.
We ate some delicious Mexican food but I can't 
for the life of me remember the name of the place!

The second and third day, we roamed around Gruene.
Below is the oldest Dance Hall in Texas.
A wine and music festival was taking place but we opted not to attend because there was enough activity on the streets, in the dance hall, and in the stores.

 Gruene shopping.
I love these headbands and 
the Cotton Eyed Joe Flags!

I find a lot of art and humor in 
mannequins as many of you know.
The ones below are artfully delightful.
And finally, that's one mighty cute 
Longhorn motor scooter.

If you want to see more photos, click the links below to view last year's pics:

If you're curious about my interests in mannequins, you can visit my Mumbo Jumbo Journal blog or click the links below to go to each specific post.  


As far as the Florida Trip video is concerned, I have created a 13-minute video, and encountered many issues in the process.  For one, iMovie closed on me six times or more.  When I reopened it, sometimes the movie was there and sometimes it was not.  If it wasn't there, I was usually able to recover it in Time Machine.  One time, however, I couldn't get it back so I spent 1-1/2 hours on the phone with Apple, and ended up with a copy that didn't have any of the music I'd added.  I had to redo some odds and ends and all the music.  Finally, after over 40 hours of work, I attempted to finalize the project and I'm now getting an error message.  I don't know what to do next but I'm certainly going to try and figure it out!

This past weekend, we finally took our Buckhorn Campground trip to Sulphur, Oklahoma so that will be up next unless I figure out the iMovie issue first of course.

In the meantime,

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Florida Trip~Part 4

One morning, Rick & George checked out the beach access from the RV park.

Rick and his shadow!

Rick and George learned that:

1) The tram that was available to take beach goers from the RV park to beach access (also inside the park) is on the other side of the park.
2) There's nowhere to park vehicles by the tram, and they're necessary to haul the EZ Ups, umbrellas, coolers, chairs, etc.  Everyone generally takes their own vehicles too.
3) Once the tram leaves you at beach, it's still a haul to get to the water toting all that gear!

 Not sure who this little dude is.
Another morning, George and I rode our bikes over to the beach access to take a second look. It made us wonder if we wanted to go to that beach. 

Now that's evolution!

Conveniently, a very nice beach was a mere 
three miles up the road, and the water was close. 

Setting up. 

Sandy all comfy.

Rick and Carrie cooling off.

I like these umbrella shadows.

Creative beer holder! 


Gulf side guys.

We enjoyed our day at the beach which totaled only about four hours--plenty of time for most of us. Charlie and Sandy really love it though, and they went nearly every day.


The opening game of the NFL season took place on Thursday night.  Sweet!  Even better, our Dallas Cowboys were playing.  

Ready to go.
Cowboys won too!  

On Friday, Charlie & Sandy, and Rick & Carrie headed home.

Linda, Joe, George and I weren't leaving until Sunday.  For our final night, we decided to go back to Pompano Joe's for dinner and to watch the sunset from the beach.

 We set up on this little deck to watch the sunset.  
It's on the edge of the beach access walkway.

A suitable location. 

A view down the beach.

The other direction down the beach.
(Ignore those folks in the front!  Ha-ha)

Love my friend Linda!

The sunset put on a lovely show!

Dinner time!
We sat out on the porch this time.  

This place is excellent!
I cannot tell you how much I love their crab cakes!
I wish they could mail me some although 
it probably wouldn't be the same.

It was a perfect end to a delightful trip!


We headed home the next day.  
The girls slept for two days once we got home.

I am putting together a short video of the trip so it looks like there will be a Part Five!

Smile On,