Sunday, April 21, 2013

By the River RV Park~Kerrville, TX

We recently RV'd on down to Kerrville, Texas and stayed at By the River RV Park and Campground which is on the Guadalupe River. We were expecting four RV couples the next day, and another couple was driving down for the fish fry. It was scheduled for our final night. The day we left, Rick and Carrie did too, and we followed each other.

I call the bridge out our window a "footbridge" even though a few cars did go across it. I have no idea why or where they could have gone. The other side is an island. I think it's where folks tent camp although I never saw any tent campers. It looked more like a deserted island to me. We found it to be quite a lovely dog walking island.
We had gorgeous weather every day too!

On the first day, while waiting for other couples to arrive, we drove into Fredericksburg with Rick and Carrie. We shopped and had lunch on the patio at Silver Creek Beer Garden and Grill
It was quite good too!

While we were eating, I noticed a sign stretched over the road that was advertising a music festival in Luckenbach, and it just so happened to be this weekend! Woo-hoo! Luckenbach is 13 miles down the road from Fredericksburg so when we finished eating, we did some shopping and then headed to Luckenbach.

The Luckenbach Post Office and 
a box displaying music line ups!

We shopped at the Post Office which is actually a General Store with a bar in the back. The historical marker says the post office operated briefly in 1858, and was reestablished in 1886. 
I wondered if they still processed mail because it doesn't say anything else. It's doubtful especially since the entire town is that post office, a dance hall, a covered stage, some food stands, bathrooms, etc. 

Who would they process it for? 

If that's the case, I process mail! I get it out of the mailbox, and take it in the house where it is distributed to George or me, or my favorite place, the trash can. Some of it eventually goes into my least favorite place, a file! 

That's processing mail, isn't it?  
Now that I got the mail issue off my chest, back to Luckenbach...

As usual, there were lots of bikers.
Actually, it was mostly bikers.
I LOVE these trikes!
Don't you?
The yellow one is my favorite.

Carrie and I are standing in front of the dance hall. I've been to Luckenbach three or four times now but never when a band was playing in the dance hall. 
I would really like that though!
Maybe one of these days...

According to the music lineup, a band was about to play on the stage behind the Post Office so we headed that way. We were able to perch ourselves at a shady picnic table, smack dab in front of the stage too.

Perfect seats for a 
perfectly beautiful day!

I wanted to stay long enough to hear Tom McElvain. I knew he was from Gainesville, and heard he was good. Indeed, it was true, I loved his music! I found out today that Michael (my son) went to school with him.

We watched all of Jake Martin, and 
heard four or five Tom McElvain songs.

I could have hung out in Luckenbach all evening listening to bands but we needed to move on so we did.  One of these days...

The next evening was our fish fry!

Great chefs at work.


Chow Time!
 Walking~Linda B., 
Left, top to bottom~me, Katy, Linda M., & Sandy, 
Right, top to bottom~Forrest, Carrie, Charlie & Joe

The fish fry was excellent!
Absolutely scrumptious!

Enjoying the evening!

Of course, we had a very nice time!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Surprise Party!

A few weeks ago, we went to a surprise party for our friend Mark.  He works with George.

He turned 50 as you can see!
The party was catered by Blue Mesa Grill.
Excellent food!

Just a few other pictures.
I thought we had more pics 
but I'm not finding them.
It was a very nice time!

We just got back from an RV trip.
I'll post those pics next.

Happy Smiles to You,

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Learning to Ride (or Steer)

Since Triston has grown up in the country, he never learned to ride a bike so George taught him when they were here a few weeks back.  

It didn't take long before 
Triston was on a balanced roll!

Preston and Triston 
had fun riding bikes.

George got a new toy too, 
and he had to learn to ride it.  

Okay, maybe not ride it but he 
had to get a feel for the steering

The first task was 
backing it off the trailer.

Triston looks a bit worried.

We have lift off!
That was easy.

Of course, Geo was 
rockin' and rollin' in no time.

Now if he would just learn 
that it's the grass you mow!
Not the cement!

Preston wanted to mow too.
His day will come!