Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Indiana Time!

A couple of weeks ago, we drove up to Indiana.
It's very pretty up there!

Such beautiful green everywhere!
(It's brown and gold here in Texas.)

On Friday and Saturday, we had a nice visit with Mom Keller, and George's brother Jim.

 Mom is a beautiful, sweet lady!

On Saturday morning, before heading to Evansville,
we had breakfast with Sue and Randy at Koodie-Hoo's.
After that, we checked out the Mt. Vernon waterfront.
It's getting an attractive face lift!

The waterfront is on the Ohio River, and you can 
click here to read about their face lift project.

We also fit in a visit with Aunt Bertha 
and Ron.  It was good to see them!
We went to Mayse Market too.

We hauled home some sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, cantaloupe, zucchini, yellow squash, kettle popcorn, blueberry walnut bread, chocolate zucchini nut bread and peach preserves. It was all quite tasty!

Saturday evening, we went 4-wheelin' with Sue and Randy, and a group of their friends, (some I knew, others we did not).  George drove Slagle's RZR on the way out and Sue rode with him.  I rode with Randy.
In Indiana, you can ride anywhere on dirt roads in these babies!

First off, Geo and Sue got stuck trying to climb a fun hill.
Randy and I pulled them out.


A view from the top of the hill.
(I think)

A pow-wow!

George also drove Joanie and Bryan's RZR. 

Joanie rode with him.
They climbed the hill and charged through mud!

He also drove Dave and 
Kim's souped-up Ranger, 
as well as Randy and Sue's Prowler.
We headed home on Sunday.

I created a video but I'm having trouble uploading it.
I don't know how much time I'm going to have to work on it 
but hopefully, I can post it soon.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sister Trip (sort of) to Bonham State Park

Jeanne came to town last week, and we took a little RV trip (Linda, Jeanne and me) to Bonham State Park.  My wonderful hubby George was kind enough to take us to the Park late Wednesday afternoon, and help us get set up.  Then, he went back home to work the rest of the week, and left us girls there to have some sister time.  

We missed Sue and since she wasn't with us, we named this squirrel after her.
Meet Susan Gayle.  
 She's maneuvering and eating a HORSE apple.
How appropriate!

The girls on their rope line.
Can you see them?

Linda and Jeanne went fishing.

They're the pink dots on the dock.

Linda caught this whopper!  I think his name is Moby Stick.

We love this quaint little park!  It's our second time here.  It's 90 minutes from home, and there are only 14 RV sites.  We had our choice of 13 spots, and took the awesome #1 site.

This is the way the Park looked that first night.
 Pretty empty--only one other RVer.

This pic and the one above show all the RV sites.
Reservations are necessary but the RV sites are not assigned.
It's first come, first serve.

There's a small, very sandy beach to the left of the pavilion and in front of the volleyball area which is in the sand you can see, just on the other side of the trees.
Jeanne was the only one who swam.  She said you could walk a long way out and only be to your waist.

Gotcha Jeanne

David came out around noon on Friday, but had to leave after breakfast on Saturday.

George arrived in the early evening on Friday.  He stayed until we all left together on Sunday.  YAY!

Saturday night George took off on his bike alone and navigated some of the bike trails.  One trail took him around the lake on the shore where he eventually landed in really soft muddy sand.  The bike went sideways and he flipped over the handle bars!  He was okay but when he got back to the RV, he realized his GPS has broken off the bike!  Linda, George and I trekked back to the scene of the crime, and after digging in the sand with a stick, we found it!  Yoo-hoo!

During the trip, we also rode bikes, played Scrabble, rented a paddle boat, and of course, pigged out!  It was a fun and special time!

Still Smiling,