Friday, September 27, 2013

Florida Trip~Part 1

On our way to Florida, we stayed overnight at the Grand Gulf Military State Park in Port Gibson, Mississippi.  We were meeting our friends (Joe and Linda, and Rick and Carrie) so that we could caravan the rest of the way to Florida tomorrow.

Lovely drive!

George and I arrived at the Military Park before 1:00 (hours ahead of the others) so we toured the grounds.

This was a Roman Catholic church 
for a very short time (1868 - 1870)
Then, it was a Confederate Memorial Chapel.  
It's currently considered a non-denomination chapel to be used by religious and other groups approved by the park.  After seeing all the spider webs inside, I'd say it's not used very often.  Makes me sad.

Here's the exact scoop.
You might have to click to enlarge it for reading.

On the way up that hill to the church, we ran into this black snake.
It's super creepy running into a serpent on the way to a church!

I love the organ and piano.
We couldn't get near the piano though because of the cobwebs.

This is a Dog Trot House which is also known 
as a breezeway house, dog run, or possum trot.
A Dog Trot house consists of two log cabins connected 
by a breezeway which you can see in the center picture.

Pretty cool but I had to look it up.

A few images from the 
Old Grand Gulf Town Cemetery.

Do you see a problem with this one-man submarine?
You apparently needed a good set of lungs to man it!
I don't know if you can see it but the grates in the bottom of the hole are the remains of the jail destroyed by the Confederates.

About to leave the Military Park and head to Florida.

On the way to Florida, we stopped off at the Battleship USS Alabama so the guys could tour it.  Since the ship would be very hot inside, us girls opted to hang out in the RV while they toured.

George took these pictures so I have no idea what's what!

I know that's Joe & Rick.
I can't imagine sleeping in these bunk beds!
Talk about too close for comfort.

Smokes, candy, and hair products from back in the day.
(Specifically World War II times).
The ship's barber shop and dentist chairs.

These instruments make me dizzy!
Too many numbers!
I imagine they were quite instrumental though.
(Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Apparently, they got to Rick and Joe too!

I have to ask:
What is this picture?
It looks like a Google Earth view 
of the New York City streets.

Woo-hoo! Giant crayons!
Now we're talking.

Looks like lots of toilet paper to me.

C-3PO's brother?
I wonder what kind of moisturizer this guy uses.
He looks well preserved considering his age.

Look at those guns!  
They must work out.
Actually, they are quite impressive, huh?

Wrong ship Joe!

Railroad tracks?

Off we go into the wild blue yonder...

If Darth Vader had plane, 
isn't this what it would look like?

I don't know what this is 
but I love the shine and bling.
It looks exactly like the inside of my watch.

Time for a spot of tea at sea!
And then it's back to work.

That's it for Part 1.
Be back soon with Part 2.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Video of George's Test Driving Adventure

After hours and hours and hours of trial, error, and Googling, I finally figured out how to get videos into Blogger (I think).   

You need to enter the password below to view this video:


I did some major wrestling with YouTube trying to get it into my blog, and I finally gave up and went to Vimeo.  After wrestling with them a bit, and more Googling, I found the answer, and it turned it to be VERY EASY!  Of course!

Really Big Smiles Here,
(if this actually works)