Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas at the Nursing Home

Linda and I went to the Christmas celebration at Mom's nursing home.  Brenda, one of the aides, fixed Mom's hair and makeup beautifully.  

She looked very pretty!  
Check out those gorgeous curls!

I LOVE this picture!
We had a very nice time.
The next day I took Preston 
and Triston to see their Great Gram.
Happy!  Happy!

Still Smiling,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Celebration

I'm sharing some turkey day photos!  



Michael & George
I really need to fix that clock. The time is soooo wrong!

Shaylah & her Aunt Tracy (our niece).

Michael & Crystal
Michael had to work so they 
needed to leave at 3:30.

Preston & Triston stayed until Sunday though.  

Niece Brandy

Girl Power

Crystal was missing from our 
Girl Power pic so we did it again.
Now we're all in it so it's a true Girl Power pic!
Tracy, Stephanie, Linda, Shaylah, Donna, Crystal, Brandy

Shaylah trying to block Aunt Brandy out of the pic.
Shaylah is Kyle & Stephanie's daughter, 
my sister Linda's granddaughter.
Shaylah is seven and a hoot!  
She's always giggling and laughing, 
a very happy & fun child!

Josh & Sheri
They had to work too and 
couldn't make it until after dark.
Bummer again!

David, George & Linda

The Beautiful Pinizzotto Family

Nephew Kyle

Wonderful George!
The day was filled with good food, lots of laughter 
and we were all thrilled that 
the COWBOYS won!  

We hope that your Thanksgiving day was the grandest of times too!

Still Smilin'