Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Miscellaneous Holiday Events

When Sue was here during Thanksgiving, we met up with our friends, Donnie & Joy, at BJ's Brewhouse for lunch one afternoon.  
Happy, happy!

We like this place a lot.  
The menu is quite large and the food is yummy!

Due to work schedules, we had to do Christmas with the kids and granndkids on Thursday the 18th of December, and guess what?

We forgot to take pictures! 

I did attempt the panoramic pic (below).
Clearly, something went awry!
It's a jumbled mess.
What a hoot!

The morning before Christmas, Mom's nursing home had their Christmas party.

Mom is wearing her new scarf and hat.
Tracy, Linda, Mom and me

She also got a blue hat and scarf.

Merry Christmas Mom!

On Christmas day, our nieces, 
Brandy and Tracy, 
came over for dinner.
 As always, it was a nice visit.

Onward to 2015!
Happy New Year to All of our Family & Friends!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving and More

This year, we had Thanksgiving at my sister Linda's house. Our sister Sue was here visiting from Indiana.

Sue, me & Geo before leaving our house and heading to Linda's house.

It was a fairly small gathering this year since our kids and grandkids couldn't be there. Linda's kiddos made it though but her cute and entertaining little granddaughter couldn't make it.

Kyle and his girlfriend Adriana

Brandy & Tracy

David and Geo

Sue & Linda

Except for the Cowboys losing, we had a good time!
The next day we picked up the boys for the weekend.  
The first thing we did was head to a train store.

Gage & Preston

Geo bought more "O" gauge trains and they 
started working on a layout as soon as we got home.

Since Michael worked on Thanksgiving and Crystal was sick, the boys didn't get a Thanksgiving meal so we cooked a little altered version on Saturday--ham, stuffing, green beans and a pumpkin roll. I cheated and purchased some Bob Owens mashed potatoes though. They're really good!

Triston Gage helped me cook.


Our second Thanksgiving was a good one too, and we sent plenty home for Mom & Dad. 

The weekend flew by way too fast though but we all enjoyed it.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Baby Shower for Nicolas

We're expecting a grandson, Nicolas, around February 1st.  YAY!  A baby shower was held on Sunday afternoon in the Fellowship Hall at the First Baptist Church in Plano.  Josh & Sheri chose a whale theme for Nicolas' room so that was the shower theme.

Sheri and her sister Annette

Jim & Beverly (Sheri's parents), Sheri, 
Jacqueline (Sheri's niece), Annette & Josh

Me, Sheri, Josh & Geo

Josh's Mom and her hubby Tim

Instead of cards, Josh & Sheri requested books to start a library for Nicolas.  They requested that the books be signed too in order to add a personal touch.  

I was told that this was Josh's favorite book as a child.  I think he still likes it because he didn't want to put it down!

Of course, Nicolas received clothes GALORE!

A house divided!  
A Texas A&M shirt and a Texas Longhorn shirt.  
Go Texas!

Nicolas was given this cute quilt.  
It reminds me of Toy Story.

Geo and I also made a quilt for Nicolas.
It's a crib-size quilt with whales on it.

We had it professionally 
quilted and requested waves.
Can you see them?
 For more about the quilt, you can go 
to my other blog by clicking HERE.   

Of course, there was more but things were in boxes and you don't really want to see pictures of boxes, do you?

It was a nice shower and we enjoyed it.  
Now we anxiously await February!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

End of Summer

Autumn is here and I am thrilled!  It's cooling off outside, football is back, fall decor is beginning to beautify front porches, and Christmas adornments aren't far behind!  Life is gooooood! 

Our summer was great!  It wasn't quite as hot as usual (Yay!), and we attended some very lovely and fun events.  As an official end to summer, I want to share some additional events that were never posted for one reason or another.  

First off, our sweet niece Brandy graduated from the University of North Texas.  Yay, Brandy!  Congrats to her.

Here's Brandy playing with a California Chrome hat that her Mom made for a Kentucky Derby contest.  Turned out, California Chrome won the race and Linda won the contest!  

Brandy and her Mom--my sister, Linda.
(Most of you already know Linda is my sister.)

Geo and I also stopped by Lake Murray in Oklahoma one day.  We wanted to check it out because some friends had gone RVing up there.  We weren't able to go though because we were out of town.  Much to our surprise, several of our friends were still there so we ended up going on a boat ride!

Here's 1/2 of Geo, and all of Joe and Tom


Talk about having your ducks in a row!
Well, almost, I see a couple rebels on the end.

A cute name for a boat that's obviously 
owned by Oklahoma and Florida fans,
Sooner or Gator.

The water in Lake Murray is beautiful!

On the 4th of July, we took Preston to the Cheesecake Factory for his birthday dinner.  Actually, it was a birthday lunch.  

He turned 15!  

Later that evening, we 
headed out to watch fireworks.

A selfie while waiting for the fireworks to start.  
Preston, Triston & Geo look good 
but what a goofy face I have!
And I was born with it!!!!

Last, but not least, a long-overdue, get together with the girls!  I haven't seen some of these running buddies in ages!

Cindi, Faye, Me, Suzette, Karen & Linda

We met up for lunch at The Greenhouse Restaurant and Bar in Denton, and ended up having a spur-of-the-moment slumber party at my house! Linda had to go home, and Karen could only stay for a little while, but the rest of the gals spent the night.

Unfortunately, we did have an injury. Faye hurt her foot. I'm NOT saying that we were dancing and carrying on out back in the RV at the time because, according to George, "What happens in the RV, stays in the RV!" (and he was there) but I will say that we all had a VERY GOOD TIME! 

Faye went to the doctor a couple days later, and it turns out that she broke a couple of bones in her foot. OUCH! That was the beginning of July and she is better now but still recovering! 

George had to pull her back to 
the house in the garden cart.
We hope you finish healing ASAP Faye!

Now, on to Autumn!
See ya soon folks.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Frisco Mercantile

A  couple weeks ago, I did some wandering in Frisco Mercantile.  I love that place!  I hadn't been there in quite awhile so it was high time to hit the aisles.  

Would you like to wander too?  
If not, close your eyes (or stop here).
Otherwise, here we go.
There's lots to see.

A music room.
La, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaaaah!

Sad but true!

Cool clef.  
 I like the "Believe" sign. 
I believe that I cannot 
remember what it says though.

TONS of signs can be found throughout the store.
I'm pretty sure it's a ton.
Oh yes! 
If you weighed them all, they would 
definitely add up to exactly 2,240 lbs.

The white birdcage captured my heart!
 I didn't buy it though.
It's a blurry pic.
Or maybe it's just a blurry birdcage!

Obviously, these photos are  
NOT the best but they'll do.
You can resize them to be bigger if you prefer.
Then, you'll really see all the flaws.
If you're into that kind of thing, then go for it!


Colorful Lazy Susans
As usual, they're just laying around being lazy!
I might need one of these someday.



and more stuff!

A collegiate corner

Jewelry, scarves & pillow stuff



I love clocks!

Do you have bikes above your chandeliers?
Doesn't everyone?

Blurry clothes at that!

Linen stuff. 
There's lots more down these aisles too.

 I really need to drop in here more often.
Like maybe tomorrow.  
Or next week.
Sometime soon.

Hope this post made you smile,