Thursday, February 27, 2014

Visit to Indy

In January, we made a quick trip to Indiana, and I just realized that I never posted the pictures.

Sally is 13 now.  
We didn't want to board 
her so we took her along.

Most of our trips to Indy are rather quick. We usually stay in Mt. Vernon with one of my sisters, and we visit Geo's family in Evansville during the day.  This time, I stayed at my sister Sue's on the second day while Geo went to see his Mom and brother.  

Mom Keller


At Sue's house, my niece, Stacie, came by with her kiddos! I've never seen newborn Joseph and I've only seen Grace and Aaliyah once several years ago.

Stacie, Lexi, and newborn Joseph! 

Jeanne and Sue

I ALMOST had a rare photo op to get a picture of Sue actually cooking.  Let's just say you don't find Sue in the kitchen much--she's not a fan of cooking.  For a minute there, she actually threatened to cook!  

On the ball, Jeanne urgently directed me. "Quick!  Get the camera!  Sue's about to cook!"  

But before I could grab it, Sue told Jeanne, "Oh, you do it!"  Then, she left the room to go do something else.

Sue was not aware that I was about to take a picture of this uncommon event either!  Too funny!  Oh well, maybe next time.

With that in mind, here's a 
picture of Jeanne cooking for Sue.

Lexi and Joseph
Sweet picture!

Somehow I didn't get a good picture of Aaliyah but that's her writing the alphabet.  She's very smart, cute, and a joy to be around.  They all were and it was great to see them!

We left early on our last day and headed towards Nashville to spend the rest of that day with Jack and Middy.  The AFC playoff game between Denver & New England was on too.  Woo-hoo!  

We didn't take any pics while there but I did snap this scenic view along the way.

Until Next time...