Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Denton Jazz Festival

This past weekend, George and I attended the 
Denton Arts & Jazz Festival 
with our friends Kenneth & Linda.

This sign was at the entrance.

Dog ~ Dog ~ Dog ~ Dog ~ Dog
 There were lots more dogs too.
And coolers.
I personally loved the dogs 
but why bother putting up the sign?

Kenneth & Linda

Just the three of us
George, me, and Kenneth's pinky finger.

I learned that an entire day of 
jazz music is not for me.
Give me country and rock 'n roll!


Next up: 
Tyler State Park & 
Canton's First Monday Trade Days.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Most Enjoyable Easter Weekend

Preston & Triston were here for Easter and we had a wonderful weekend!  

We picked them up on Friday when 
we attended Preston's baseball game. 
It was the last game of the year.

Somebody forgot his sunglasses!

They won 2-1.  YAY!

Saturday greeted us with perfect weather, 
so we were anxious to get out and about.  
First, a quick breakfast at Whataburger.
Then, we spent time at 
Third Monday Trade Days 
in McKinney.
As you can see, there were lots 
of folks out enjoying the weather!

We browsed.

And squinted!  
Somebody forgot their sunglasses!

We even played with snapping selfies!
After the flea market, we stopped by a hobby 
shop where George and the boys explored.  

Next, we discovered the 
iFly Indoor Skydiving place in Frisco.  
Since George and Josh plan to do this in 
the near future, we went inside to observe.
The photo above is from the iFly website 
but you can see a clip of the action in 
the video at the bottom of this post.   

Saturday evening, we rode bikes 
around the neighborhood and 
hung out at The Backyard Pavilion.

Smilin' Preston!

Triston's latest goofball face!

Sunday started with attending 
Cross Timbers Community Church 
in Argyle, and riding bikes
 at the Greenbelt 380 Park.

Here's a short video from the weekend. 
(1 min 33 secs)

Wishing You Sunshine Smiles!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Round Top Antiques Fair & Lake Somerville

The weekend before last, we RV'd on down to the popular Round Top Antiques Fair.  I've been reading about it in magazines and on blogs for years now and I've always wanted to go.  I'm so glad we finally did!

The Fair is held every spring and fall although the site at the link above mentions a newly added winter fair.  I'm not sure why it's dubbed an antiques fair because it's a flea market too.  As you might expect, it's huge!  

Our RV camp was at Rocky Creek Park on Lake Somerville about 20 minutes from the Fair. Camping with us were our friends, Joe & Linda, Sandy & Charlie and Rick & Carrie.
The lake level is normally up on this 
side of that tall grass but the drought
 has pushed it out into the boonies.

The Fair is not just in the little town of Round Top.  There's loads and loads of stuff in Warrenton as well as up and down the country roads in between. By the way, Round Top has a population of 90.  I'd love to know the annual visitor count.  I suspect it's in the tens of thousands if not more by each year's end.

There was antique and old stuff of course. 

And spruced up stuff.

And new stuff too like these necklaces.
Linda and I picked out the charms 
and the dealer put them together.  

We each picked different charms 
except for the cute little travel trailer.
See it in the center?

Speaking of travel trailers, we saw some unique little vintage numbers.  Some trailers served their intended purpose and others were converted into locations for dealers to sell their wares and services.  

This first one looked like it was used to live and travel in.  It features an interesting horse mural on the door and Sisters on The Fly is painted on the side along with other text.  If you're not familiar with Sisters On The Fly, it's an "Outdoor Adventure Club for Women," and oh does it ever sound like fun!  I'll do a post about them soon.    

This one is not a Sisters On The Fly 
trailer but colorful and unique.  

This trailer was a quaint little shop.

We had this silly picture 
taken in a photo booth trailer.

The two girls running the photo booth made 
pitcher of raspberry vodka lemonade.  
After our photo, they handed us all a glass.  
It was quite yummy too!
There was also a stage with live music nearby.

Joe & Geo keeping in touch with the other guys.

Charlie and Sandy picking up 
a metal bed they purchased.

Have you ever watched Junk Gypsies on TV?

We checked out their tent which consisted of nothing but t-shirts.  Their headquarters was down the road so we checked it out too.

Geo, Charlie & Joe in front of the 
Junk Gypsy Headquarters.

We expected to find a lot of repurposed items at the Junk Gypsy Headquarters but the majority of it was new stuff--clothes, jewelry, t-shirts, pillows, etc.  

Joe was having so much fun that 
he couldn't keep his eyes in his head!

We attended the Fair on the Friday and Saturday prior to the official antiques week. It was a great time to go too! 

While strolling down this street, I noticed that the line of cars coming this way waas far as you can see.  And this was fairly early in the day too. 

Back at the RV,
 here's Rick & Carrie's new Fifth Wheel.
It's cute and comfy inside and out.

A view down the road.

A little storm blew through one evening
 and left us with a beautiful double rainbow!

The morning we left, we discovered this tree.
It's wearing a nice little skirt.
Or perhaps that has something to do with it 
being right across from the dump station.
Just an observation folks...

I'm ready to go back again.  

Big Smiles,