Thursday, July 3, 2014

Memorial Day on the Tennessee River / Kentucky Lake

On Memorial Day, Jack & Middy, George and I ventured out in Jack & Middy's ski boat.  

That's not the boat but Geo is standing on the dock.
See the red dot?
It looks just like him, doesn't it?

Jack & George  
Can you tell they're brothers?

Middy & I

Don't ask me why but this sign made me want to sing 
Creedence Clearwater Revival's Up On Cripple Creek song.
Or was it The Band?
It doesn't matter who sang it because I was singing Creedence's version.  I sounded EXACTLY like them too, instruments and all!  

A perfect weather day for cruising.

It's not summer without a feet pic!

Isn't she lovely?




Wildflowers by a Tennessee 
country road on the way home.
Oh, how I LOVE Tennessee!

After Amit & Nicole's wedding and related events, boat day was a great way to cap off a wonderful weekend!

Sending Smiles,