Friday, August 15, 2014

Tennessee River Trip~Part 3

Today is the final day of the trip and we're heading back to the harbor in Iuka, Mississippi.  

It's early as we pull out of the sunny cove 
and head back toward Wheeler Dam.  

This time we're locking down (water is let out of the lock).  I'm not going to show a bunch of photos since you've already experienced the process in part 2 but I do want to show one very cool thing.

The glorious reflection of the early morning sun off the rather ugly, weather-worn, concrete doors of Wheeler Dam was truly a heavenly sight to behold!  

Talk about Golden Gates! 
It reminded me of something out of a movie!

Speaking of movie, I shot a 57 second video.

Next, we have to wait awhile to get into Wilson Dam because, as it turns out, this monster cargo ship named the Delta Mariner was locking up.

It's slowly pulling out now. 

According to the article at the link above, the Delta Mariner's "primary role is transporting components for the Boeing Atlas V and Delta rockets from the manufacturer located in Decatur, Alabama to launch facilities at Cape Canaveral Air Force station and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California."

We've locked through both dams now 
and we continue along.  

About to pull into the dock.
It took about eight hours to get back.
It's our last night and we're spending it on the 
docked boat again just like we did the first night.  

After docking, we explore some of the other boats and take a short drive to pick up steaks and see another harbor.  

Of course, a selfie was in order!
Jack grilled up some delicious steaks, and we enjoyed a very nice final evening.  We all agreed the trip passed way too fast but it sure was fun!

Before driving off the next morning, I snapped a few shots of the very pretty Aqua Yacht Harbor from the pool area above.  

It's a beautiful morning...

very quiet...

and peaceful...

and sunny.

I hope you folks in Blogland enjoyed the trip.
We absolutely loved it!

Thank you Jack & Middy!
It was an extraordinary and unforgettable time!

If you missed the previous two parts, 
below are the links:
Part 1 and Part 2

Still Smilin',

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tennessee River Trip~Part 2, Locking Thru Dams

Are you ready for part 2 of the trip?  Now that we've had our early morning photo session (see previous post here), it's time to move on up the river where we'll be locking up through two dams.

It only takes about 15 minutes 
before we approach Wilson Dam.  

George practices the necessary 
roping skills before getting to the dam.

Getting closer and about to enter!
Everybody has a Dam Job!
My grueling task is to grab photos & video while Jack navigates the boat into position so that the Outside Dam Workers, Middy & George, can do their jobs.

 The Outside Dam Workers' job is:

1.  To secure the boat by lassoing a rope onto the Floating Mooring Post with a "Stick Thingy," and

2.  To Keep the boat from hitting the wall by using said "Stick Thingy" which can be seen two photos down.

Floating Mooring Post is truly a nautical term!
We looked it up.
It was in the Dam Book!

Of course, "Stick Thingy" is my Nifty Nautical Term.

Below is the Floating Mooring Post.  T
he Outside Dam Workers attach the rope to it using the Stick Thingy.  As you can see, it's attached!

We're secured and here's the 
Dam Workers with their Stick Thingys!

Middy's Stick Thingy got stuck to 
the wall and she couldn't get it off.  
It was accidentally dropped it into the water!
Bye Bye Stick Thingy!

Note that the water is beginning to swirl indicating that the lock is beginning to fill up.  Once it fills up to the water line, we'll be even with the river and on our way again.  

Getting closer up to the water line now. 

We're up and even!
The bridge/wall in front of us descends 
into the water and then off we go.

The Dam Workers celebrate success! 

 Look at these stunning Alabama homes along the way.

They're everywhere too!

Oh, such gorgeous views for these home owners.
It's a pretty view for boaters too.
Which side would you rather be on?

Next, we approach Wheeler Dam.

The Outside Dam Workers are preparing.

 The Dam Workers are ready to rock & roll!

 About to enter.

We're in and the mighty doors close behind us.
Wheeler Dam is a challenge for Jack maneuvering the boat and the Outside Dam Workers too as the wind is blowing like crazy and getting secured is a hairy adventure!

Once secured, Jack comes to help Middy and George.
Jack & Middy tell us that it was the toughest 
time they have ever had getting secured.

The water swirls and foams as it begins to fill.

We're up now!
The gates at Wilson Dam descended 
but Wheeler Dam opens as you can see.

At last, it's time to anchor in a nice cove for the night.
Doesn't this look like a good place to sleep?
According to the iPad map, the 
cove is near Rogersville, Alabama.

Once we drop anchor, it's time to take the dinghy off the back of the boat so we can troll around the cove a bit. Middy navigates the dinghy with a very cute little "Trolling Gadget."  Yeah, it's my Nifty Nautical Term.

I'm going to have Middy circle the boat so I 
can take a few photos and some video.



The sun's rays shine so beautifully on the boat!

I need to put the iPad (I'm taking these pics with it) back on the boat so it doesn't accidentally end up in the river bottom.  Sorry but that means you cannot go on the dinghy ride.  It was fun though and Middy did a great job trolling us around.

Topping the night off, let's chow down on some 
great grub, and sing, and dance!

George even does a little toe dance.
He's such a wild dare devil!
Don't we look lovely?
Not so much, however, beauty was not on the agenda!

Next up, Part 3, the voyage back.
I hope you're enjoying the ride!

Still Smilin'

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tennessee River Trip~Part 1

Earlier this week, George and I returned from a spectacular trip down the Tennessee River with Jack & Middy.  It started when we arrived at the boat, the NicAda III, around 7:15 p.m. on July 25th.  

The boat is docked on Pickwick Lake, part of the awesome Tennessee River, in Iuka, Mississippi.  Since the plan was to be on the boat for several days, there was no need to bring the RV this time so we drove

We slept on the docked boat that night, and headed down the river to Florence Harbor Marina in Florence, Alabama the next morning.

Come on along with us.
We're ready to go...

...and on our way.

I think this little port hole in our bathroom is cute as 
a button although it is a tad bit bigger than a button!

There's Middy, Jack & Geo.

Headed to the front.
"Front" is my nautical term for walking 
out to the top part of the boat near the point.

Middy's already up "Front."

A neat paddle boat splashing on by.

A very pretty, green boat passing us. 
This guy docks near Jack & Middy.

A Point Pic
"Point Pic" is my nautical term for pic like 
the one above but that's obvious, isn't it?

Homes with big windows and 
beautiful views are abundant.  

Enjoying the view!
"Enjoying the view" is my nautical 
term for, um well, enjoying the view.
Obvious again?

There's Florence Harbor Marina
Look at that monster on the left named Time For us!
Monster is my nautical term for 
"Really Gigantic Vessel."

can charter Time For Us 
for a mere $70,000 a week!
If you do, please invite us to go along.
If you're interested in chartering 
or just want to check it out, 
click here.
It's quite impressive!

We docked right smack in front of Time For Us.
Look at the difference in the sizes of the two vessels!
A minnow and a whale!

A view of the minnow and whale from the 

The food was excellent!

We planned to attend the W.C. Handy Music Festival in Florence that night but didn't make it thanks to wimpy me not feeling well.  What a bummer, and I love music festivals too!  Sorry but you will also have to miss it.

Jack, Middy and Geo watched movies instead.

Part of an RV park in Florence by the marina.
Perhaps we'll RV on over to that park one day.
I believe it's part of McFarland Park.

This deck was to the left of 
where we docked at the marina.
I love the reflection in the water!

The marina offered a courtesy van so before 
leaving the next day, we drove through 
the pretty area just across the harbor.
The RV park is just past the area above, 
and it looks like a great place to camp.
I don't know why we didn't get a 
few photos when we drove through!

A nice view down the river in 
the direction we'll soon be heading.
Please note that "be heading" in the above 
statement refers to where we're going and no 
actual beheading occurred in the taking of this trip.

Across the river with a 
picture-taking dork in the way.

Oh, how I love the tall, tall trees!

The point at the mouth of 
Florence Harbor as we head out.  
The treed area to the right is where 
the last four pics above were taken.
To be continued.
Next, we'll be locking through two dams.