Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Baby Shower for Nicolas

We're expecting a grandson, Nicolas, around February 1st.  YAY!  A baby shower was held on Sunday afternoon in the Fellowship Hall at the First Baptist Church in Plano.  Josh & Sheri chose a whale theme for Nicolas' room so that was the shower theme.

Sheri and her sister Annette

Jim & Beverly (Sheri's parents), Sheri, 
Jacqueline (Sheri's niece), Annette & Josh

Me, Sheri, Josh & Geo

Josh's Mom and her hubby Tim

Instead of cards, Josh & Sheri requested books to start a library for Nicolas.  They requested that the books be signed too in order to add a personal touch.  

I was told that this was Josh's favorite book as a child.  I think he still likes it because he didn't want to put it down!

Of course, Nicolas received clothes GALORE!

A house divided!  
A Texas A&M shirt and a Texas Longhorn shirt.  
Go Texas!

Nicolas was given this cute quilt.  
It reminds me of Toy Story.

Geo and I also made a quilt for Nicolas.
It's a crib-size quilt with whales on it.

We had it professionally 
quilted and requested waves.
Can you see them?
 For more about the quilt, you can go 
to my other blog by clicking HERE.   

Of course, there was more but things were in boxes and you don't really want to see pictures of boxes, do you?

It was a nice shower and we enjoyed it.  
Now we anxiously await February!