Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Miscellaneous Holiday Events

When Sue was here during Thanksgiving, we met up with our friends, Donnie & Joy, at BJ's Brewhouse for lunch one afternoon.  
Happy, happy!

We like this place a lot.  
The menu is quite large and the food is yummy!

Due to work schedules, we had to do Christmas with the kids and granndkids on Thursday the 18th of December, and guess what?

We forgot to take pictures! 

I did attempt the panoramic pic (below).
Clearly, something went awry!
It's a jumbled mess.
What a hoot!

The morning before Christmas, Mom's nursing home had their Christmas party.

Mom is wearing her new scarf and hat.
Tracy, Linda, Mom and me

She also got a blue hat and scarf.

Merry Christmas Mom!

On Christmas day, our nieces, 
Brandy and Tracy, 
came over for dinner.
 As always, it was a nice visit.

Onward to 2015!
Happy New Year to All of our Family & Friends!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving and More

This year, we had Thanksgiving at my sister Linda's house. Our sister Sue was here visiting from Indiana.

Sue, me & Geo before leaving our house and heading to Linda's house.

It was a fairly small gathering this year since our kids and grandkids couldn't be there. Linda's kiddos made it though but her cute and entertaining little granddaughter couldn't make it.

Kyle and his girlfriend Adriana

Brandy & Tracy

David and Geo

Sue & Linda

Except for the Cowboys losing, we had a good time!
The next day we picked up the boys for the weekend.  
The first thing we did was head to a train store.

Gage & Preston

Geo bought more "O" gauge trains and they 
started working on a layout as soon as we got home.

Since Michael worked on Thanksgiving and Crystal was sick, the boys didn't get a Thanksgiving meal so we cooked a little altered version on Saturday--ham, stuffing, green beans and a pumpkin roll. I cheated and purchased some Bob Owens mashed potatoes though. They're really good!

Triston Gage helped me cook.


Our second Thanksgiving was a good one too, and we sent plenty home for Mom & Dad. 

The weekend flew by way too fast though but we all enjoyed it.