Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Catching Up~Tennessee, Part 1

It's hard to believe that it's been 3-1/2 months since I last blogged, and oh boy, did the time ever go by fast! I'm playing catch up here so I'll start with October when Geo and I RV'd out to beautiful Tennessee for two weeks. 

The first weekend, we stayed at Montgomery Bell State Park, in Dickson, TN. Jack, Middy, Amit, Nicole and Parker joined us the first evening and we all had a nice visit. We somehow forgot to get pics of Nicole, Amit and Parker. Bummer! 

Jack & Middy spent the night and hung out with us the next day. We remembered to take pics that day.

The weather was perfect so we hiked.
We're on our way into those trees.

Hike over!  We're fast, huh?
The hike ended near this cute little 
Presbyterian church which is in the park.

Check out the colorful reflection 
of the windows on the piano!

Here's a close up. 
It's not a pro photo, probably because 
I'm not a pro, but you get the idea!

Middy and I

Geo, Jack and Middy reading 
info outside the church.

After the weekend, we headed to Circle E Guest Ranch in Belvidere, TN to meet up with my sister Sue, her hubby Randy, and a group of their horse-riding buddies. Circle E has lots of trails for the riders and it's certainly gorgeous countryside to do so. George and I don't ride but we're really good at hanging out!

Sue, Randy, Joanie and Chip

Sue and I

 Sue, Randy, Andy, Kent, 
Mary, Jane, Joanie and Chip

The first night we were camped on the other side of the road. The next day, we moved over by Sue, Randy and the group. The view out our RV window of the barn, driveway, and restaurant/event hall (barely seen on the right).
We were able to watch the 
riders leaving each morning.

A good country band played in 
the event hall a couple of nights.
We enjoyed listening to them!

I took this pic out the RV window one morning.
Sue with her horse Possum headed out to ride.
Possum is very pretty!

One day, the group didn't ride so we 
all toured the Jack Daniels Distillery 
in Lynchburg, TN.

The grounds were very pretty!

 We had to wait about an hour to 
take the tour but there were plenty 
of things to read and see in the 
Visitor's Center while waiting.


His "Gentleman Distiller" attire as 
indicated in the next birthday photo.

Can you read it?

The old Jack Daniels Fire truck.

Jack Daniels' Sinatra Select was on display, 
a tribute to Jack's biggest fan.

Information about the distilling 
process is all around.
Susie Q

Part of the cool u-shaped Visitor's Center.

Some porch sitting' was done too!

A bus picked us up and took us 
to a couple places where we toured!

I didn't think the actual tour photos were as interesting as the ones at the Visitor's Center so I'm not sharing them. It was definitely a very interesting day though!


On the days when everyone was out riding the trails, Geo and I went into ChattanoogaOne of those days, we explored the Tennessee Aquarium.

I'm sharing a few of the more interesting pics.
Love the colors on this fella!

Nice contrast between the 
butterfly and the plant!
She's donning a stripe 
that matches the plant.

Creepy underwater crawler.

Jelly fish are so unique!
Gracefully floating about, seemingly peaceful, 
yet able to cause great pain when they sting. 

A Jellyfish Living Art exhibit was on display.
Next to the real jellyfish, the works were 
sculptured by various glass artists
I loved it!

 One cool part of the art exhibit!

Lovely echoing waterfalls.

This pic is freaky!  
It's actually two crocs but it looks 
like one oddly deformed fella.


Another day, we went to 
which are in the same location.

First up, Lookout Mountain which takes 
us through Rock City Garden.

Our shadows (below) crossing the 
hanging wooden bridge (above).
There's two stalkers behind us!

A rock balanced on a rock.
How did that happen?

The Lookout.
We're almost there!

We're supposed to be able to see seven states.

Atop the Lookout.

 Two panoramic views.

Can you spot the seven states?
If so, you're doing better than we did!

That same day, we explored Ruby Falls.

Our tour guide was quite entertaining! 
 Not only did his voice sound like 
Larry the Cable guy but everything he said  
sounded like something Larry would say! 

The story of Ruby Falls was interesting. 
It took a little while to get to the 
the falls (the two pics below).

I do believe if it wasn't for our 
funny tour guide, the underground 
trip down to the falls might 
have seemed a little long.  
Nevertheless, we had a good time.

Big Smiles,