Saturday, September 12, 2015

Good Times on Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend, George and I were invited to the home of our friends, Suzette & Allen. They live in a beautiful house on Cedar Creek Lake. 

Suzette with friend Debi

Allen & Suzette served up some delicious grub all weekend!

Yummy food (and a very cool room)!

Suzette & Allen recently did some renovations. George & Gayland are sitting where the back patio used to be.

This cute little bar is nearby too.

Suzette and Allen's grandson 
Aaron & his girlfriend Penny.

Suzette & Allen's granddaughter.

Suzette and Moi
Smilin' and chillin' on the back of the boat.

They added this awesome, 
screened in patio to the house.

Note the fireplace to the side of Allen. There's a TV above it in the cabinet. 

This is an outdoor patio off the screened in one. Another similar patio is behind where I'm taking this photo (off the opposite side of the screened in). 

There it is through the far door in the distance!  Allen is over there tending to a brisket on the smoker.

George, Allen & Gayland

Jacqueline was checking out Geo's Apple watch. When she saw me taking a pic, she opted for a pose conveying astonishment. It was funny and cute!

Suzette in silly mode!

Leaving the dock.

Sweet Aaron assisting with the departure.

A beach stop on the lake. 

It was a most wonderful weekend!

So long!
Hope y'all had a great Labor Day weekend too!

Big Smiles,