Monday, March 21, 2016

Catching Up~California Trip

The end of October, I had the pleasure of flying to California with one of my closest and dearest friends Suzette. We went to see her sister Danielle. In the late 70's, Danielle and I were roommates and in the 90's Suzette and I were roommates.  

Neither one of us had seen Danielle 
in decades so we were very excited!

Danielle picked us up at the airport 
in Palm Springs where we ate 
lunch and shopped around.

What's the very first thing you do when 
you haven't seen someone in a very long time?
Try on hats of course!
Two sisters~Danielle (l), Suzette (r)

After lunch, we went to Danielle's 
 lovely home and met her sweet hubby Ricky!

Danielle playing on the electronic stair chair.

Danielle and Ricky's comfy living room.

The next day we went shopping in a cool 
little town named IdyllwyldWe climbed up 
mountain on a switchback road to get there. 
It was a very pretty drive and this is Idyllwyld!

What's the first thing you do in Idyllwyld?
Get photobombed of course!

This guy yelled, "Photobomb!" 
and then rode into the pic.
We got a kick out of it!

Ready to shop!

There were lots of artsy little places.

I love these black & white checkered antlers.

Very cool!

Along the way.

Goofballs goofing around.

Look at the deep blue sky in this pic!
It was a most delightful day!

Another day, 
Danielle, The Hostess with the Mostest, 
had arranged for us to take an overnight 
trip to San Juan Capistrano to see Jonny Lang.

What's the first thing you do when you arrive?
Act like tourists and take photos of course!

Somebody has got to hold that 

surfboard on Mr. Beach Bound Elephant.
Might as well be me.

He matches this cool classic vehicle 

that was on display at the hotel front.

Danielle's beautiful Aunt Duckie went with us.
She was a lot of fun!
Suzette and I both loved 
Duckie and made a new friend!

The views from the room were gorgeous.

The pretty Pacific.

It was a gorgeous day.

During the concert.

Jonny Lang in action.
He was fabulous.
Great blues!

Suzette trying on her Jonny Lang 
tank in the hotel lounge after the concert.
She was having a good time!

The day before leaving, Danielle took us to Temecula, another great little shopping town.

We ate lunch in a hip little joint.
I loved the light fixture!

We were happy that Duckie
 joined us to eat and shop.

This turned out to be my favorite store.

But these were favorites too.

Oh heck, we enjoyed all

 the shops and boutiques.

Adios Amigo.

An incredible view of the mountains at 
the end of Danielle's street at sunset!
They're golden!

Danielle & Ricky's comfy backyard.

No sooner than we got there, 
it was time to leave. 
We had a fabulous visit!
Thank you Danielle and Ricky 
for your hospitality!
We loved our trip!