Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Catching Up~Thanksgiving to Spring

I'm ready to be caught up so here goes. 
After the trip to Cali as seen in my last post
Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around. 

Pics of Thanksgiving and Christmas 
aren't quite as exciting in May,
(if ever--LOL)
are they? 

Top down:
Triston & Nicolas, 
Geo and Josh, 
Linda and David, 
Me and Linda

 Top down:
Brandy, Linda, Geo & Tracy, 
Josh and Sheri, 
Michael and me, 
Preston, Tracy, Brandy 
Crystal and Nicolas

Ditto for Christmas!
if you insist.
Some granddude pics!


Triston & Preston

Bow-Head Nicolas
This is proof that he takes after his Dad!
I have the photos to prove it.

All three marvelous, happy granddudes!

Suddenly the year was over!

Happy New Year!

The end of January, we celebrated 
Smiling Nicolas' 1st birthday!

Sadly, we weren't able to stay for the 
entire party. Geo had to work.
 We enjoyed visiting with everyone though, 
especially the birthday boy!

Nicolas with his sweet Aunt Jacqueline

Two Grandpas and a Bottle Drinking Baby.
Geo, Jim and Nicolas

Moving right along,
Spring arrived with delightful splendor!

Eye candy right in our backyard!
Your yard too, I'm sure.

Bradford Pears were stunning in full bloom!

A cute little bird built her quaint nest in 
the birdhouse below which is attached to the 
second tree from the end in the pic above.

To be continued in the next post:

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 
story of the birdhouse.