Friday, October 7, 2016

Port Aransas Time

We recently returned from a trip to Port Aransas where we stayed at Gulf Waters Beach Front RV Resort. We camped at this pretty park once before and loved it!

Here's a view of one area.

Our site #518, 
across the street from the above little lake.

This is the vacant, 
privately-owned site in front of ours.
Some of the private sites can be rented.

We camped with a bunch of the usual suspects!
From front right, going back:
Rick, Charlie, Sandy W., 
Sandy C., Clyde, Linda, 
(body of lurking man), 
Joe, Donna/me, and Carrie. 
Geo was the photographer so he's missing.

For most of the trip, it was hot and very humid but on Monday, we had a beautiful breeze which allowed us to sit outside and watch Monday Night Football.

Our sweet boys, Elmer and Chewy, 
kept a close eye on us from the inside.

A fish fry is necessary when camping in Port A!
Most of the guys about to go hunt for fish.
  It unexpectedly turned into an all day event!  
Not sure but maybe they should have 
fished for the fish instead of hunting for it. 
Just sayin'...

Most of us girls did a little shopping.
The above two photos were taken 
after lunch at Moby Dick's Restaurant.

Fish fry night and the guys did the cooking.

Rick and Carrie had a private site with a 
pergola, nice table & chairs, 
and an outdoor kitchen so we 
did the fish fry there.

Three of the master chefs at work!

Fried taters!

The girls hung out while the guys cooked.

And took happy selfies!

The fish fry was a success--quite yummy!

It was a fun night.

I love this pic of George and Charlie.

It wouldn't be a coastal trip without a 
walk on the beach with the dogs!
Ahem, correction: 
Without a squat on the beach with the dogs!

Originally, Geo and I considered extending our visit in Port A but we decided to leave as scheduled and seek a cooler locale for a couple of days before we had to head home. We opted to go toward Fredericksburg in the Hill Country, and started that way without plans. 

Joe & Linda and Rick & Carrie told us to let them know where we land and they would join us the next day which they did.

As soon as we left, I hit the internet and discovered what turned out to be a gem of a park in Kerrville! Oh, the joys of modern technology! It's so nice to be able to call each other and use the internet on the road, isn't it? 

The name of the lovely park is:
Buckhorn Lake Resort
More about it in the next post.

To sum it up, 

the Port A trip was a 
good time with good friends
We all hope to meet up again soon.


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