Friday, June 20, 2014

Amit & Nicole's Wedding

The wedding venue was Nashville's 
Schermerhorn Symphony Center.


The camera SOMEHOW put itself on the wrong setting which resulted in blurry pictures of the wedding!  The only viable pic (and that's debatable) of the actual wedding is the one from my iPhone below.  

As you can see, it's mostly a picture of the back of heads.  Lovely heads I might add but they are heads!  

If you squint real hard and tilt YOUR HEAD to the left (or stand on it), you just might be able see Amit and Nicole way, way, way off in the distance.

Now isn't it a spectacular pic?
Don't they look gorgeous?
Of course, they do!
See any hair you recognize?

We actually have other pictures!
Some before the wedding.
Jim & Adam

Sheri & Josh

This one of Mallory cracks me up!
She looks very pretty in her flower girl dress 
and I love the expression!

Ring bearer Jackson!
What a doll!

A few pics while waiting for the reception.
Janet, Me and Andrea

George and I
We didn't get much more than that during this time.


The Reception

Amit's parents

Nicole's parents

The Wedding party
(I hope I didn't miss anyone).

Husband & Wife,
Amit & Nicole
Love it!

The Dances


There was lots of dancing.  
I didn't have many decent still photos to choose 
from, and the ones I had were pretty similar.

Another performance of Bollywood.
(One was done at the Rehearsal dinner.)  
Middy and I ended up in there this time.  
We were definitely winging it but it was fun!  

Watching Mallory & Jackson dance is a joy!

Too cute!

Adam & Mandy

Family photo!


A final group pic at the Omni before night's end.

George and I are excited and happy for Amit & Nicole.
May their future be as beautiful as their wedding!
The entire weekend was a grand ole time 
in Nashville and we loved every minute of it!

Still Smilin'

* Photo by Mandy Keller (Thank you Mandy)
** Photo taken out of our videos
*** Photo hijacked off the internet and edited. Shhh-don't tell!  I believe it's from 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Amit & Nicole's Rehearsal Dinner

Amit & Nicole's Rehearsal Dinner was held at

It's a very cool spot!
 I would love to check it out 
sometime when it's open to the public.

The Bride & Groom,
Nicole & Amit

The event was hosted by 
Maid of Honor, Mandy, 
and Best Man, Ankur.  
I hope I spelled his name correctly.
That's Mallory on stage with her mama.

A Bollywood performance by the 
Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids

Jack, Middy, Amit & Nicole

Cousin Janet and her daughter Andrea
with Amit & Nicole

Adam and his buddy Jimmy The Kisser.

Jack & Middy enjoying a laugh!
Love it!

Josh & Sheri by the light of the iPhone or was it a candle?
It could have been the silvery moon for all I know!
I can't remember but I really like the pic.

Flower girl Mallory looking quite pretty.  

Handsome ring bearer Jackson in his dapper bow tie.
(Mallory & Jackson are Adam & Mandy's cute kiddos!)

Clicking the Like button right now.

Another good one of Jack & Middy.

George with cousin Laurie

Middy with her sister Peggy

And Middy's sister Rosie

 Sheri & I

George & Josh

 Randy, Laurie & Janet
(Randy is Laurie's hubby.) 

For some reason, when I look at this picture I hear, 
"It's up to you New York, New York!"  
No, that song was not playing. 
Yes, I am hearing things!  
The rehearsal dinner was touching, 
funny and quite entertaining!

Afterwards, many guests danced the night away at Barlines in the  Omni Hotel.  I don't know the name of the band but they were excellent!

Lots of blur here but you get the idea.

Up next, the very lovely wedding!


* Photo taken out of a video

Monday, June 9, 2014

Amit & Nicole's Pre-Wedding Festivities

The month of May has been very busy with both happy and sad events but I'm only going to post about the happiest one--Amit and Nicole's much anticipated wedding in Nashville.  Nicole is George's sweet niece (and mine of course!)  

Most of the guests stayed at the beautiful Omni Nashville Hotel but we drove out in the RV so our two four-legged gal pals, Sally & Daisy Mae, could tag along.  

The Nashville KOA was our home while we were there.

The weekend started with an Indian prayer at Sri Ganeesha Hindu Temple on Thursday.

Amit & Nicole

Amit & Nicole with both families.

After the prayer, Adam & Mandy, Josh & Sheri, Jack & Middy, and Geo & I went to Puckett's for dinner where we enjoyed our meal from a table on the sidewalk.  It was a beautiful evening for sitting outside too.

After dinner, we strolled over to busy Broadway. 

Amit & Nicole met up with us at The Stage on Broadway. 

A few snapshots from inside.

We didn't stay out too late but it would be easy to do.  Downtown Nashville looks like a stomping ground for lots of good times!   

Up Next, The Rehearsal Dinner.  
Stay tuned...

Still Smilin'