Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cayman Islands~Part 2

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After horseback riding, we sat out by the pool.  

Jack grilled a great dinner.
It was quite delicious!

Middy and I stood four feet away from the grill.

Up until we moved closer to the pool.

~~~  Day 4  ~~~

The next day, we went to Hell. 
No! Not that one.
The Cayman Islands Hell
It's small like Lukenbach, Texas except 
Lukenbach is a quaint, entertaining 
little country locale whereas Hell is not. 

Hell consists of a post office,
and a couple little souvenir stores.  

As well as these creepy rock formations 
located behind the stores which make it 
crystal clear why this place is called Hell!

The pictures do not come close to 
conveying the true eeriness of this place.

This sign explains it.

Photos from Hell.
Two angels in disguise!

Once we left Hell, we popped into George Town 
for lunch at Rackams Waterfront Bar and Grill.

I love this place!

Notice all the docked cruise ships?
Apparently, they stop in George Town.

The secret to life.
One thing.

The Caymans!

You can feed them every night at 7:30.

Going back to the condo, 
we passed this flip flop tree!
It's covered all the way around.

Full moon through the clouds.

~~~  Day 5  ~~~

After a walk on the beach, 
we decided to spend the day at the pool.

Aren't these pretty and unusual?
Anybody know what they are?

We're in the library section at the pool.
There were many readers out there, 
and when in Rome...

Look at the belts on these babes!
Actually, they're squirrel stoppers.
Gotta keep them away from the coconuts.

It wasn't long before we 
migrated away from the library section!

In the evening, we strolled to 
the beach to watch the sunset.
But SOMEBODY is hiding.

Check out the cruise ship
as it approaches the sunset.
Getting closer.
And closer.
Almost there.
In the sunset!  

See you in the morning sunshine.

Once the sun set, we meandered down the beach to a restaurant & bar on the beach for food, drinks and some live music. I can't remember the name of the place but it was really neat.  We ate, danced, and had a good time.

~~~  Day 6 ~~~

Today is our final day. We started out by eating breakfast across the street at Coconut Joe's.  It's a really cool place and the food is quite tasty! Their website leaves a lot to be desired though so I didn't post a link.

More signs.
Gotta love the weather report on this one.

Geo waiting for me to hurry up and take the pic.

Stingray City is our plan for today. It's on a giant sandbar about 30 minutes out into the ocean.

Here we go.

Jack & Middy on the boat.


On the sandbar.

Stingrays everywhere!
And people.
Jack & Middy have done the stingray thing before so they watched from he boat while we indulged in this unique opportunity.

First, they introduced us to this guy.

I'm naming him Mr. Sting Sting.

We were told that they won't sting unless 
you aggressively jump around or step on one.
I'm still calling him Mr. Sting Sting anyway.

The guides wanted us to 
kiss Mr. Sting Sting so we did!

There's no such thing as a monkey on your back in these parts.  It's a stingray here!

On my back!  

I didn't know what to think about him being on my back but the experience as a whole was very cool! I loved it!

Geo smiled.

A lot!

We also fed them squid. (I think it was squid). I didn't tuck my thumb in properly and he bit my thumb!  If you can call it a bite. It felt like a powerful suction and intense gumming of my entire thumb. I think he was trying to suck it down like he did the squid but it startled me. I didn't feel any teeth so I'm guessing they don't have any.  

After Stingray City, we boated on 
over to another area and snorkeled.
There's some pretty fishies down there!

On the way back, one of the guides 
cleaned some conk shells out to get the fish.
Very interesting.

We also decided to go eat shrimp since it's one thing we hadn't eaten yet. We had calamari, mahi mahi, lobster, swordfish and conk fish but no shrimp. 

We snapped a few more pictures before 
heading out to dinner on our last night.
Brother photo!

And a brotherly pose.

We decided to go to Rackams again and oh yum!
We watched the sunset while we ate.

This time, we fed the tarpons too.

The weather was perfect throughout the trip. The temps were in the 70's or lower 80's every day and there was always a nice breeze.  

Bye-Bye Caymans.

Oh, what a great time.
It was a spectacular trip!

Wishing You Sunmy Smiles,