Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016~Indiana, Part 2


Since it was raining, we thought it'd be 
a good day to explore Marengo Cave.

 We realized after taking two tours 
that one would have been plenty.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed  
the interesting adventure!

Next, we wandered through an antique store
before settling in for dinner at the
which rests on a scenic bluff above the
981 mile 

The restaurant is upstairs 
and offers breathtaking vistas!

A nice little pub is below the restaurant
but somebody didn't take any pics. 

And a large deck surrounds it all.

Here's the pretty 360 view 
from up in the restaurant.
Kentucky is on the other side of the river.


 We started our final day 
of camping with lunch at 

The weather was prefect for sitting 
on the porch that day so we did.

Look at that burger!
George was surprised when 
it arrived but he ate it all!

After lunch, we tackled miniature golf.
While, having a refreshment inside the 
mini golf place after the game, 
we decided to go bowling.

Sue remembered that the West Baden Hotel 
has a bowling alley inside so off we went.
It was a cozy six-lane alley!

Our Tipsaw Lake/French Lick visit 
was awesome (with the exception 
of the ticks at the campground)!


We returned to Sue & Randy's house,
and visited with more family 
in Evansville that evening.

Aunt Bertha, George, 
Cousin Laurie and Aunt Lorine

 These are taken at Aunt Bertha's house.

It was great to see everyone!

After an entertaining week, 
we drove home on Sunday!

Thank you Randy for putting in 
an electrical hookup for the RV. 
It was convenient staying 
right outside your front door.
We loved it!

We're currently looking forward to 
our next trip. At the moment, that's 
unless something comes up before then.

If you missed Part 1, 
you can find it here.

May You Smile the Day Away,