Friday, May 29, 2009

A New Family Member Arrives

Here he is Riley Josef Price! He was born May 27th and weighed in at 9 lbs., 8 oz. (ouch), and 21-1/2" long. His parents are Cody and Jen Price and they live in Austin, TX. Cody is my nephew and my sister Sue's son. That's Jen's Mom holding him.

Isn't he precious?
This photo was taken on the day
he was born and he's already
a tall drink of water!

Hopefully, we'll get to see him one of these days!

Cody and Jen got married one year ago this month. To see pictures from their wedding click here and here and here and here.

Smile on!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Triston's Pre-K Graduation

We went to Thackerville for Triston's Pre-K graduation last Friday night. It was so cute! We started at Michael & Crystal's house and did a little photo session.

First off, I want to know
what they're feeding Lulu.

Crystal wanted George to
get a picture of our weight
loss. She's lost 45 lbs and
I've lost 15.
I love it!

Preston was putting a
jigsaw puzzle together
on the computer.

I needed one of my
baby boy and me
No pictures of George this time which is unusual.

Then, we went down the street to the school.

The graduate coming down the aisle.

The boys sang Bad to the Bone.
The girls sang a Hannah Montana
And they all sang a couple
of other songs together too.

He really did sing.

They danced too and
it was a hoot!

Notice the little girl in the pink dress by herself? There was a mix up with dance partners. She asked another boy without a partner to dance and he danced with her.

They also sang
"You're a Grand Ole Flag."

They left the stage and came back when their name was called to receive a little graduation trophy.

Triston was so proud!

He was a happy camper
leaving the stage.
Afterward, we walked outside and he was waiting by the door. He immediately held up the trophy, and announced, "I get to keep it!"

This picture was on the wall during the ceremony.
It was a sweet, fun
and memorable event!

Smile on folks!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How To Make and Use a Redneck Bulldozer

(We like to call it a Redneck Board Dozer)

My last post included pictures of George trenching our backyard for a sprinkler system. The next day, after the pipes were in, we began manually filling in those trenches. It's a lot of hard work, and George was already sore from pushing around that heavy trencher the day before.

After a couple of the trenches were filled in, I commented, "There's got to be a better way. It looks like we could pull something behind the tractor or push something to get the dirt into the trench." George's super brain immediately kicked into high gear and in about five minutes, we were the proud new owners of a redneck board dozer!

Here's how to make one:


1 - Husband who looks like
he's either very serious,
very mean or very constipated.

1 - Wife who looks like she's either
smiling reluctantly, grunting
like a pig or just got a good
whiff of a pig.

1 - Really dirty lawn mower
(aka tractor)

1 - Fat board, 1 - Skinny board
1 - Rope, 2 - Long screws
and 1 - Drill


1. Make a "T" shape out of the two boards.
2. Turn the T upside down so that the top of the T is on the bottom.
3. Drill two holes in each end of that top part of the upside down T piece (see photos for inaccurate example).
4. Guide the rope through the board's holes and loop it through the hitch on the back of the tractor.
5. After it's through the hitch, wrap it around the back of the seat as many times as needed to get the remainder of the rope out of the way.
6. Be sure NOT to accidentally wrap the rope around wife's neck and tightly secure it if she is on the tractor during step 3.


Climb into the tractor seat and
skillfully drive the tractor.


With the board lined up on the far side of the dirt that is to be replaced into the trench, husband should use his foot to guide the board dozer as wife slowly nudges the tractor forward which gently glides the dirt back into the ground!


Get set!


It's dropping in!
Move to next section and
repeat until full length of
trench is completely filled in!

There you have it!
Just another redneck day
in redneck yard maintenance!

Smile on